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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Godors is YOUR Athletic Solution!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge,from Godors, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.

It's Summer.

That means your junior athletes will be out practiving and playing in the HOT HUMID Summer sun. You know running, jumping and generally working up a major sweat.

Which all equals one thing- stinky shoes!

Godors knows stinky!

godors sprays

But they don't just mask the odors eminating from your kid's sneakers and cleats, they have made a spray that eliminates the stinky odors AND kills 99.9% bacteria in it, in less than five minutes.  Godors gets to the root of the problem: it kills 46% of the fungi within five minutes of use, and that fungi can really cause a stink if not abated! 

And best yet, you can TRUST it! The spray is all natural and non-toxic, containing 99% isopropyl alcohol, tea tree oil, olive leaf extract and cinnamon. Did you know that essential oil of cinnamon bark is used to flavor chewing gum, ice cream, candy and beverages? So when you think bubble gum, you're really smelling cinammon oil. Pretty cool huh?  The oil is a natural antimicrobial, and can inhibit anaerobic bacteria growth by more than 50%. It is also a known fungicide, with a low toxicity, that makes it ideal for use in equipment that touches the skin. It won't leave any residue on your gear or shoes! .

We were sent a variety of their formulas to try out- you can figue out quickly which is which by their illustrations:

godors athletic spray label

Athletic Gear Spray- Formulated specifically for hockey and lacrosse gear that never has enough time to dry out and always smells.  The high concentration of antifungal solution and specific blend of alcohols is what makes this product work. It has a bubble gum scent, bery reminiscent of gun bore cleaner! This has been absoluetly AMAZING on Miss Grace's Irish dancing shoes. It may not seem like the girls work that heard, but some days (especially if the studio ac goes wonky), they sweay just as much as the boys at baseball practive! And the shoes? EWWWWW. For the first spray, I followed insstructions and sprayed and then sprayed again the next day. Now when she finishes class, I spray them with this spray and there is NO more smell. I've also found that the shoes dry more quickly! Yeah!

I keep the large 16 oz bottle at home, and put the 2 oz pump in Miss Grace's dance bag, for immediate use after class, in case I;m not with her! This spray is also great for her school shoes-they are ALMOST as bad as her sneakers. With this spray, all her shoes smell almost brand new! if you use your gear twice a week, you should spray once.

godors shoe refresher spray label

Shoe Refresher Spray- Designed to help the smell that develops in your pretty botts and other shoes you might wear without socks. It comes in a convenient purse size spray, that has a similar bubble gum/cinammon scent. We've found it perfect for Summer sandals! Especially after an all day event like Jazz Fest, your sandals need some serious sterilizing! 


You can buy Godor's spray at select Hockey Pro shops (check the Godor's website for the listings) and online thru Godors. they have some great combo packs that save you money, and allow you to have different bottles, per kid or location!

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  1. I love my dad. But that man has the stinkiest feet on the planet that I have encountered. I think it is because they are overly sweaty, but the reason has never saved our noses. I have a couple of nephews that are running a race with him in this dept. too. Haven't heard of this company before, but I am going to tell them all about it!


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