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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids is a Summer Boredom Buster!

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Summer is now officially here.
Go ahead, you can scream.....
Feel better?
Didn't think so! LOL
Today I have a great boredom buster that can make use of those mason jars that are rattlign around the back of your pantry.
Mason Jar Crafts for Kids cover


Mason jars are no longer just for canning. Today we use them to drink from, to cook inside, and—with almost limitless possibilities—to craft with. In this fabulous new book, Linda Braden, author and owner of MasonJarCraftsLove.com and ItAllStartedWithPaint.com, offers up a collection of fun and creative Mason jar crafts for kids. Her ideas include everything from wild science experiments and delicious edible treats to holiday decor and gifts for the whole family. Kids won’t want to miss the fireworks in a jar or the lava lamp jar projects. And who could resist a Mason jar cupcake or a rainbow Jell-O jar? There are instructions for how to make your own lantern jars, snow globes, and even a Mason jar terrarium. This book will keep little hands busy all year round, with dozens of easy do-it-yourself projects.

Accompanied by photo tutorials and helpful step-by-step instructions, these projects are kid-friendly and offer a variety of options for both beginning and more advanced DIY fans. Each project is complete with age recommendations, a list of supplies you will need, and safety precautions. These projects are great for crafting with a big group or alone with your child, and perfect for long summer days, rainy weekends, and holiday preparation. Be inspired and discover the endless possibilities with the world’s most famous jar!


Did you know mason jar crafts are THE HOT thing right now? Yup, they are!

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids jar sizes sample page

This is a great book, I love how it starts with the basics- sizes of available mason jars and what they are typically used for, This is helpful if you're not sure if you want to hold onto the jar, and buy smaller ones for crafting, or vice versa! 

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids patriotic jars

The book contains 3 types of crafting with mason jars: holiday decor, crafting/gifts and science experiments. Which means this book is actually a wonderful YEAR round book! They have some pretty easy and quick holiday ideas for Memorial Day decorating, as you can see above! Colored rice and votives, can that be any easier? It is perfect for parents, teachers and art tutors! You may see ideas from your childhood, and new ones you had never thought of! 

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids jar sizes sample prjects collage

The four projects pictured above are perfect for Sumemr boredom! Make your own slime or playdough introduces your kids to simple science, and allows for creativity as well! You may remember the tissue paper coated jar vase from your childhood- it's still a great afternoon craft, that is perfect for giving as birthday gifts! The summer memory jar is a great way for your kids to make use of the snd and seashells they brought back from the beach, as well as keeping it CONTAINED and less future mess for you! And what a fun way to keep sand from different beaches/vacations! 

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids jar sample instruction page

As you can see the instructions have plenty of photos, and detailed instructions, so your older kids could use the book by themselves. Obviously you'll want some parental supervision when it comes to using products like etching cream, or your Cricut (to cut out vinyl), but otherwise, kids 8 and up could easily use the book by themselves.

And speaking of kids (and kids at heart):

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids Lego and Bank jars

Don;t you just LOVE the Lego Keeper jars? They are SO cute and practical. Plus you could put Dad's favorite character and make him a bank out of one, or stick with the cute painted piggies! Seriously they are too cute and I think Miss Grace and I will be making those first, as her old tootsie roll jar banks are getting pretty ragged! These would be cute for kids' birthday party presents too, filled with cash or legos!

So if you're looking for a way to keep the kids happy, free of boredom, and get some great gifts out of it, check out this book this Summer!

About the Author:

Linda Z. Braden may be a Mason jar enthusiast, but she’s new to the world of Mason jars. She’s making up for lost time by forging new memories with her children and a newfound community of Mason jar lovers she’s successfully cultivated online. Her Mason jar fan base has grown to more than 25,000 strong on Facebook; she’s received more than 130,000 page views on her blog, Mason Jar Crafts Love; and she’s gathered nearly ten thousand followers on Pinterest. She is forever looking for new and unique ways to incorporate Mason jars into her home decor, holidays, gifts, and parties. She lives with her husband and two children in Chicago, Illinois.

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  1. I agree with you, those Lego jars are super cute! I am still wanting to make a mason jar soap dispenser project that I saw once. They really are versatile. Fun book for kids to help beat summer boredom that is bound to come.


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