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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Movie Monday: Virtuous

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Yes, I know it's not Monday! LOL

But we took the holiday off as the first day of Summer vacation, so the blog got a day off too!
So we'll have just a bit of a catch up today! So lots of posts!

Today I have a Christian movie that is an excellent family movie to share with your teenagers and women's bible study!

This movie comes out on DVD on June 2, next week!

virtuous cover


When Simone Burner (Brandy Allison) is accused of murdering the man who assaulted her, she seeks out the help of attorney Jack Evans (Erik Estrada “CHiPS”) to prove her innocence. As her trial progresses, the prosecution brings to light the truth about Simone’s past. A past that she had long hoped to escape.

From the producer of Finding Faith, “Virtuous” is a film created to inspire and ignite women to live out the principles of Proverbs 31, instilling solid convictions of faith, wisdom, and integrity.

Boasting a female-led cast that includes Angelita Nelson (Courageous), Erin Bethea (Fireproof), Vanessa Ore (My Name is Paul) and American hero, Jessica Lynch, this film weaves together stories of powerful women from the battlefields of Afghanistan, to an American news studio, to a home for troubled girls, and the pulpit of a church, all while revealing the truth of God’s transformative love and grace. 

Why the movie was made:

Women of all ages and races are experiencing tremendous pressure from an increasingly unavoidable culture. If they stand up for their convictions, they are criticized, marginalized, and demonized.

Virtuous’ is a modern day version of Proverbs 31. It’s the story of a hardworking single mother, a loyal wife, a driven careerwoman, and many more! Virtuous’ is a multi-plot film focusing on empowering women to live righteously while remaining unapologetic in their beliefs! 

Let’s face it: Today's generation of women are experiencing a tremendous increase in violent crimes including rape, a divorce rate indistinguishable from secular society, and a single-mom epidemic. The culture of family and community is changing, but that doesn't mean it must deteriorate! Empowering women to challenge adversity, while following the teachings of Christ is the mission of Virtuous!

Check out the trailer:


This was an amazing movie! Every aspect of the movie is thought out to find parallels from the bible. Yet, it feels like a very modern movie in its context and presentation. If you were a fan of CHiPS, then you'll start smiling when you see Eric on a motorcycle. In some ways the movie feels like a natural extention of that show- that he left CHP and became a lawyer, moved to Georgia and now fights for people. It makes sense on an unconscious level, and the fact that his wife is an amazing woman and lawyer, just settles it! And for those who think seeing him in Christian films is odd, I;ll remind you that he got his start in the FIRST mainstream Christian film, The Cross and the Switchblade! Brandy does an excellent job acting as Simone, and peeling aware her layers bit by bit, so that by the end of the movie, you are 100% behind her!

The other characters all have a believable 6 degrees of separation that will remind you of people who know, and remind you of how we are ALL god's children, no matter what choices we make. This movie touches on so many sitatuations that affect women today- single parenthood, divorce, widowhood, drug/alcohol addiction, sexual harassment in the workplace, domestic violence. yet it treats them all with grace and shows how hearing God's word can help all of the women in need to stop making the wrong choice and instead become the virtuous women they are meant to be and take charge of their lives. It is a tale of being a survivor, NOT a victim, and taking charge of your life- a very important lesson for our teen girls and young women to hear! I can't recommend it enough! Be sure to catch it this Summer!


You can get a FREE study guide download, to help you to use the movie as a teaching tool for your bible, womens or teen group! 


 The film closes with a GREAT song from Brandy Allison, a favorite of ours, and I wanted to share it with you today - it is SO uplifting!

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