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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Squatchi is YOUR Answer to Stress Free Shoe Shopping!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Squatchi, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Speaking of shoes...

Shoe shopping with kids is (usually) not fun. Especially during hot Summer months, when they'd rather be ANYWHERE else!

But kids need new shoes it seems like continually, and inevitably all of yours at the same time. 

So what do you do?
You drag everyone to the shoe store or box store, and nobody wants to be there (or in THAT department!) Instead of nap time or mealtime, you’re getting tantrum time. because getting kids to try on more than 2 pairs of shoes equals one thing- a tantrum. And you’re the one throwing the tantrum- trying to get them to stay put, stand still, and focus while you try to determine if there is enough 'growing room'.

Your shoe tantrum solution is here!
Meet Squatchi!


Squatchi is shaped like the typical shoe sizer found in every department store, but made from a lightweight, unbreakable material that's easy to use and transport. It features measurement lines that range from size 2 toddler to size 5 youth, and is ideal for use with children ages 1-11. Plus it has a VERY handy hole to hang it by your keys! 

To measure your child, simply align their heel against the curved end and draw a line just above the longest toe ( I didn't draw on the Squatchi, as I was giving it to a friend with 3 kids- she REALLY needs it! LOL). Then write your child's initials or name beside it, with a date, and you have a permament memento of their foot growth, besides a handy shoe sizer!

squatchi  and miss graces feet

As you can see, Miss Grace proved me right, that one big toe is SLIGHTLY longer than the other, making a difference in how her shoes fit (did you know that over 50% of the population has different sized feet (left vs right foot size? I didn't until this came up with Miss Grace!) ! I am still in shock that she started the school year in a size 13 and now is in a 2! And she wants me to tell you, she has dancer's feet already!

It is SO easy once you have marked your child's foot (in Miss Grace's case, feet LOL), to pop the updated Squatchi into your purse and head out to the store, SANS kids for shoe shopping! Just think, now you can go during school hours and be assured that the shoes WILL fit your kids! Relatives want to buy your kids shoes? No problem, take a picture of your Squatchi and send it via email or text to them! Then they can compare shoes and sizes on their end, quite easily! Easy peasy, and no need for long distance returns!

 Squatchi makes a great baby shower gift- it's the one item new parents will find themselves reaching for over and over, once they start using it, ensuring they will have a sweet keepsake when its completed too! 

squatchi colors

Squatchi is available at ToysRUs and BuyBuy Babyretail stores, and available online via Amazon and other retailers. There are 7 color choices, so you can have a set color for each child, plus 2 piece sets. Squatchi gives back too! They donate their sizers to different mission and children's programs, to help them provide the right shoes for children in need! SO you know everytime you buy one, you are helping out anotehr child!

So before you give yourself a headache shoe shopping with your kids, pick up a Squatchi and save yourself the headaches! Just think, with that extra time, you can grab 20 minutes of solitude with an iced coffee! 

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