> Bless Their Hearts Mom: The Honest Kitchen Will Make a Believer Out of YOU and Your Dog!
Friday, May 15, 2015

The Honest Kitchen Will Make a Believer Out of YOU and Your Dog!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from The Honest Kitchen, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about the items. 

dog hosue button
Yup the mutt is back!
She's a bt furrier than the last time you saw her- I swear her coat gets THICKER in Summer!
She's due to a trim shortly, but in the meantime, she's our furball!
We're actually very lucky in that Marley is NOT a picky eater, but that doesn't mean we don't try to get good dog food for her. As a large dog (70 pounds), we tend to stick to dry foods and supplement occasionally as a treat. So when I saw this latest dog food from the Honest Kitchen, I was intrigues and willing to check it out!

>The Honest Kitchen makes dehydrated pet food, treats and supplements, from whole foods that you’d recognize in your own kitchen! Every one of their healthy pet food products is made from 100% human grade ingredients and is processed in a human food processing plant right next to foods you’d find in your local healthy food store. In fact, they are the only pet food manufacturer with FDA approval to use the term human grade on their packaging. 
Did you know that a number of pet ailments are linked directly to diet? Just like with us humans! Feeding your pet a diet of whole, holistic pet food can minimize the amount of trips you make to the vet and can contribute to a happier, healthier pet overall. And that makes for a happy pet, and pet owner!
We were sent a starter box of the Love Grain Free Beef Dog Food. It is dehydrated, so you just mix it with warm water for a nourishing, tasty meal for you dog. You feed based on your dog's size and activity level. Check out the ingredients:

Now admit it, you have a lot of that in your pantry and fridge, don't you? I will be honest, as I was making it, I kept thinking, "it looks like gruel combined with pea soup, she is NOT gonna eat this..".

And I have to admit when I first put it in her bowl, she looked at me, looked at the bowl, looked back at me and seemed to ask "Really? Where's the dog food?"

.So I did what any other pet mama blogger would do. "Look I'll give you one of your apple jerky treats if you try it, so I can take a picture for the blog post, ok?"

I swear she rolled her eyes and sighed and bent down to take a lap (cause like any proper teenager, she wasn't gonna go THAT far...),,,

And as I said "ok you don't have to eat it, here's your treat" a funny thing happened. 

She ignored me and started WOLFING down the food. Huh. Guess looks really are deceiving (and no, I didn't taste it, it was too much like pea soup for me to even try).

This would be a great food to take with you on vacation- imagine, no lugging 20 lb bags of dogfood with you on vacation, just cause you're taking the dog to the beach/lake house with you! This food not only takes up less space when you get there, there's more space in the car for things like kids toys and your clothes! the food comes in 2, 4, and 10 lb sizes. The 2 lb box can make up 8 lbs of 'real food. Additional flavors include Turkey Duck, Fish, Chicken and a balanced base mix.

The Honest Kitchen also has cat food and cat treats, as well as dog treats and supplements, all Human Grade! You can find The Honest Kitchen products nationwide at Natural Pet Stores around the country, and you can check out their store finder, to find a location near you! They have not 1, but 2 different customer loyalty programs!  And they donate to a wide variety of animal chairty and vet programs, so you know your purchase is helping animals in need too! 

You can get a 1 oz sample box, of this great pet food from The Honest Kitchen today! Just click on over to their website for only $2.00. You can also get the FREE booklet that explains all about The Honest Kitchen food line and why it is good for your pet!

Once you check out this great pet food company, your pet may start begging for it all the time, like Marley, who gives it a double paw up!

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