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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Upcycle, Don;t Get Rid of Those Comfy Sandals!

So Spring has come, Summer is here and my favorite pair of comfy slide sandals are finally showing their age. Yet, the soles are still great, with plenty of passing, so no need to throw them away. But the tops will no longer come clean and are a VERY dingy yellow (used to be white), so what to do.....

Well get out the black Sharpie Fabric marker and Google some Zentangle designs was the answer!

yucky sandals

You can see how badly they were discolored- I knew, ewwwww!

zentangled sandals 1

Look pretty good don't they? I really liked them just with the black marker, BUT....
you could still see stains and discoloration! The open area above and belowthe design area is mesh, so it doesn't take marker well (I tested on the underside!), so I left it as is.

So back to the marker box for more colors!

zentangled sandals 2

MUCH better, now you don't even know they were stained!

zentangled sandals finished

The project only took me about 2 hours start to finish, while I was watching some shows I had recorded! It was a fun creative outlet (adult coloring!), and gave me a great conversation starter-
"Where did you get the shoes?" 
"I made them!"

I've got a couple of beach tote bags that bled from their straps and the white sections are now yellow and pink, and I'm thinking they might be next for some 'doodling'!

What about you?

What can YOU revise and upcycle?

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