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Monday, June 15, 2015

Are the Kids Ready for the Pool/Beach for Your Summer Vacation?

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge,from Biscotti and Kate Mack, and Australian gold, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Summer is here and many of you are heading to the beach or on vacation, where poolside/water features will be a big part. 

Are you ready?

Check out some great new items that are MUST haves for pool/beach side!

First you have to find your darlin pre-teen a swim suit.

Good luck, right? It's ALMOST as bad as trying to find you one! 

You want a swimsuit that COVERS them top AND bottom, isn't too revealing, and looks age appropriate. It's a tough one, if you want to keep you 8 year old from looking like a 20 yr old 'hootchie mama'! You moms with pre-teen boys only, have no idea the pain of pre-teen shopping you have been saved from- boys swimsuits are so EASY-they're either bold colors or prints, or movie/cartoon related, and never inappropriate/too skimpy (in fact they go the opposite direction!). SIGH! But luckily for you I have found THE source for adorable, age appropriate swimsuits: Biscotti and Kate Mack ! They even have a couple of adorable cover ups to match! Check out some samples:

biscotti and kate mack swimsuits

Aren't they just too cute- AND age appropriate?

We were sent their Labella Rosa Swimsuit to review- it'a available in sizes 2-16! The pretty rose and polka dot print design one piece swimsuit is trimmed with tiny ruffles at the leg and neckline, and accented by three soft dimensional roses at the center of the v-neck. It has an easy on/off halter strap, with a pretty high back, as you can see. Plus it meets UPF rating of 50+, so your darling will NOT burn through it!  

miss grace and labella rosa swimuit

One of the things we moaned over was the loss of adorable swimsuits when Miss Grace hit size 7- she didn't need 'teen wear', but she didn't need baby tutus either. With this new line of swimwear, we have it all- cute, age appropriate, great coverage, great fit (she wear a 10/12, and is modeling a 10), and designs the kid LOVES! In fact, the first thing she said when she saw it was "oooo, it's SO pretty" and then ran off dancing with it! yes, even 'tomgirls' want some frills too! Due to their high quality of fabric, these are NOT suits that will look horrid after 3 months of Summer use! These are swimsuits you can use all year long (for you lucky people, whose kid isn't outgrowing their clothes every 2 months!!), and then pass on to younger siblings! 

Right now the swimsuits are HALF off- so be sure to head on over to their website and pick out an age appropriate, adorable swim suit for YOUR darling girl(s) right away! They're even offering FREE Shipping too!

As you can see from the picture above, Miss Grace got severely burned while swimming with her Dad, as she got allowed to NOT wear her cover shirt. As you can see below, after 2 days of treatment with burn ointment, she was still pretty red and burned. and it hurt to touch her skin (especially the top of her shoulder blades- they were 2nd degree).

miss grace and burns

hello kitty Frozen Aloe After Sun Cooling Spray
Luckily a great new product from Australian Gold came in that was perfect giving her relief from the pain and heat of the sunburn: Hello Kitty Frozen Aloe After Sun Cooling Spray  Hello Kitty Frozen Aloe Sun Cooling Spray dispenses cooling, white flakes, resembling SNOW (!!), that instantly soothe sun burned skin. As you can see above, it REALLY covers your skin, but more like a light shave cream! It does 'melt' into your skin, so you aren't left with a icky layer on top of your skin either. It's Frescolat provides instant cooling relief that lasts up to 30 minutes. Miss Grace wore it all week long for camp and swore it actually last half the day. Not too sure about that, but if it made her feel better, then I was all for it! The aloe formula moisturizes dry, sun parched skin and helps minimize blistering, peeling and chapping. Australian Gold combines the aloe with cutting edge Asian skin caring ingredients, Yomogi, Butterfly Bush, and Green Tea, to deliver additional skin soothing. So far we're crossing fingers, but it looks like it has KEPT her from blistering,and possibly even from peeling! You know how aggravating THAT can be! I swear it hasn't left her side the whole time she's been home each day from camp- she loves the Sparkling Yuzu Fragrance and has claimed the can as HERS!

hello kitty SPF 30 Lip BalmThe other item she has claimed for this next week of Fire Camp is also from Australian Gold:

Treat your kids' lips to a tropical vacation with the NEW! Tangerine Tango flavored Hello Kitty SPF 30 Lip Balm that helps prevent sunburn and protects dry, chapped lips. Australian Gold combines cutting edge sun care with skin caring ingredients like Jojoba, Sunflower Seed Oil, Pomegranate and Vitamin E to deliver sun protection with exceptional skin care. It goes on clear, with a non-sticky formula,that sinks into dry lips, and helps to keep them coated and free from sunburn and chapping! Miss Grace loves the new scent, declaring it her all-time fav lip balm!

So there you have it- swimsuits for the girls, lip balm and after sun care for boys and girls. Now you're ready to hit those waves!

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