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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

GoMacro Macrobars are YOUR Gluten-Free Snack Alternative!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these product, free of charge,from GoMacro, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.

Summer is here and if you are looking for some healthy on-the go snacks, I've got a new line of products that are Gluten-free!

GoMacro is a family-run, natural food company, with roots in organic farming, and dedicated to making the best tasting food with the highest quality ingredients. They believe that everything we put in our bodies should have a beneficial impact, so all their products are 100% vegan, USDA certified organic, certified non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and made from mostly raw ingredients. 

And did I mentioned that they are tasty?

We were sent a box of their great mini Macrobars to check out. these are half size version of the Macrobars, with all the same flavors, but just perfect for on the spot fueling and kid snacking:

gomacro mini macrobars assortment

Available in 11 incredible flavors, these are mini versions ofGoMacro's original and most popular bars, that are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger, and deliver plenty of clean-burning natural energy. All MacroBars flavors are USDA organic, non-GMO project verified, kosher, gluten free and vegan certified. So just about everyone can have them!

gomacro mini macrobar

Protein Pleasure- Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip- hands down our favorite flavor! No salt, no refined sugar, no weird ingredients. With GoMacros newest plant-based protein blend, made  from sprouted brown rice and peas, you get 12 grams of organic protein to get you up and running. I used this one as a breakfast substitute and it gave me plenty of energy for running errands all morning long!
Protein Purity- Sunflower Butter and Chocolate- Miss Grac'es second favorite- No nuts, no soy, no eggs, no dairy, no GMOs, no gluten. This bar may have a lot of “NOs” but you can definitely say “YES” to organic fair trade chocolate, sprouted flax for some extra omega-3, natural vanilla straight from the vanilla pod, that miracle spice cinnamon, and last but not least, sunflower seed butter, our vitamin E powerhouse. Miss Grace declared it like one of Meme's peanut butter cookies! 
Sweet Rejuvenation- Cashew Butter- My second fav- this bar is packed tight with loads of cashews, is high in magnesium and has zero cholesterol. With only four (that’s right, four!) ingredients, it’s the essence of simple, balanced beauty. This one reminds me of the bars my mom used to make for me when I was little!
Wholehearted Heaven- Almond Butter and CarobWith its unique carob flavor, this bar is perfect for people with sensitive stomachs. Light in your belly with no additives or chemicals, the coconut oil helps build resistance to viruses and bacteria, and aids in lower cholesterol. Compared to chocolate, carob is three times richer in calcium, has one-third less calories, and seventeen times less fat.
protein . This one is like your favorite coconut candy bar with almond butter!
Replenishment- Peanut Butter- non-GMO, vegan, pure peanut butter. Personally these taste like the peanut butter bars we used to get in school!
Balanced Goodness- Granola and Coconut- A certified gluten free “granola” bar? I bet you didn’t think this mythical creation existed. But it does. Huge chunks of walnuts, dates, raisins and coconut. Low in fat with an ample boost of fiber. This one is good for raw energy!
Sunny Uplift- Cherries and BerriesThis sweet, summery bar is one of the fan favorites, with only 4 grams of total fat. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, iron and fiber, it’s the perfect blast of sunshine for dark winter days. This one is good for when you need a quick pick me up!

gomacro apple walnut mini macrobars

Morning Harvest- Apples and WalnutsWith 5 grams of apple fiber & 5 grams of the GoMacro newest plant-based protein blend, this bar gets even those feet-dragging, non-morning people moving. Packed with gluten-free certified, non-GMO rolled oats, the super power spice cinnamon, nutrient-dense walnuts and lots of apple chunks, this breakfast bar was harvested for morning happiness. this one reminds me of the apple oatmeal bars my grandmother used to make. 
Protein Paradise- Cashew and Caramel-Aside from its distinctive mesquite-y flavor, this bar is also super high in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. Together with 12g of protein from our superfood protein blend of sprouted brown rice and peas, Cashew Caramel provides the nutrition and energy boost needed for workouts and outdoor activities. We weren't too sure on this one, but friends liked it pretty well.
Sweet Revivial- Sesame Butter and Dates- Higher in calcium and iron than all our other bars, this is a simple idea with a complex taste. Give a humdrum day an exotic twist. You may just like it. A little odd,like a date bar with nut butter, it grows on you.
Prolonged Power- Almond Butter and Banana- Who has time (or the appetite) for a lumberjack-sized breakfast every morning? Not us. Banana + Almond Butter is the perfect day-starter bar for busy people on the move. And for people who love bananas, obviously. Stuffed with 10g of protein and 2g of fiber, it’s got the power to help you prolong those energy bursts. We're not fans of banana and nuts butter, so this one came in last, but for those who do like that flavor combo-you'll love em. 

You can buy the mini-Macrobars in an assortment box, like we tried, so you can find your favorites, and then order flavors by the box. once you try these bars, you will realize how 'processed' other bars are,and how you are getting ingredients, like chemicals, your body doesn't need! These bars taste better, are great for you and give you what you want-nutrition and energy,and nothing else! We can't recommend them enough!

Be sure to follow GoMacro on Twitter,  and  Facebook for special offers and to find out about their new products! Check out their Pinterest page for some great healthy lifestyle and eating tips too!

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