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Friday, June 5, 2015

Meat Snacks- the Snack That REALLY Satisfies Your Hunger!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Meat Chips, <for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

From Summer road trips, beach days, or from Summer activities, like soccer games- it’s pretty much a given you will need snacks on-hand. Sure, apple slices and granola bars are great, but sometimes we just want the salty crunch of a chip. But you don't want to give your kids empty chemicals, do you? A solution is at hand: a new high-protein chip, that is revolutionizing the way we snack smart, and it is perfect for the entire family.

Meat Chips is a first of its kind crunchy flavored snack chip (think like Doritos- but with none of the junk chemicals you don’t want your family eating), packed full of a whopping 21 grams of chicken protein.  Meat Chips is a seasoned gluten-free tortilla chip made with real white chicken meat, ground corn, natural seasonings and that’s it. Corn and meat- things that REALLY fill you up!

They are currently available in four different flavors: nacho, salsa, pepper, and ranch. We were sent a sample pack, in a really cool presentation box- even the UPS guy was trying to guess what was inside! When the kid say the name, all she focused on was 'MEAT". My little carnivore-LOL. I didn't tell her they were GOOD for her- I just let her sample and munch on! 

Black Bag – PEPPER 
Hands down the unanimous favorite in out family! 

Meat Chips knows that the key to appeasing your most complex taste buds is not over seasoning- it’s balance, and achieving the perfect balance on the tightrope of your tongue takes two simple elements: salt and pepper. Too much of either and you land in an over seasoned black hole, and black holes are a bad thing. really bad! So, they take the finest crushed black peppercorns for that classic bite, and pair them with ethically harvested sea salt , to deliver a specially crafted love letter to your mouth. I'm not gonna like- the pepper can be fiery at first, but after the third chip? You are HOOKED on them- just have some water handy!

meat chips sample package

Blue Bag – RANCH
Our second fav, no surprise! 

Ranch isn't just a salad dressing any more-it’s the King of Condiments. From its humble beginnings in the Alaskan bush (who knew there was no mainland valley involved?), to its now ubiquitous place on the dining table, ranch deserves a special place in your heart and stomach. 

If you’re holding this bag, you’re not asking why they didn't make jalapeno ranch- you’re asking yourself if anybody will judge you if you dip this chip in more ranch (the answer is obviously no). So skip the guessing, open this bag, and get into some serious snacking. Once your kids taste this one, they'll forget all about that other brand and its'fake' taste! Plus these chips actually fill them UP, not turn them into raving craving monsters!

meat chips and miss grace

Red Bag – SALSA
We actually had a tie for 3rd between this one and Nacho! 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that salsa is amazing. But Meat Chips went the extra mile and found some of the best peppers and spices on earth. Why? Because at MEAT CHIPS, they don’t go halfway on anything. You have to love that about a company with food you like, right? They take 15 different pepper and spices from our travels around the world to bring you the perfect southwest compliment to your day: 

Salsa Meat Chips are perfect for dipping with your fav queso sauce, or for using for the base for a nacho salad! Totally yum!

Silver Bag – NACHO
2 out of 4 can't be wrong, right?

Does cheddar make everything better? In the case of nachos, the answer is always yes. DUH!

From the simple, melt in your mouth goodness of your favorite afternoon snack, to the piled on combinations of game day madness, nachos caress that fond memory in your brain that reminds you of why your tongue is watering right now just thinking about having some (and not having any in your house, dang it!0. A supremely satisfying blend of sharp cheddar and Mexican spices make every bite of Nacho a bomb to your brain.

Miss Grace declared the Nacho and Ranch perfect for taking to school for lunch too (hint hint)! With 21 grams of protein per snack size grab bag, they pack a protein punch with a crunch, that will be perfect to hold her over til the end of the day from lunch time, as they eat lunch SO early!

You can purchase Meat Chips online , or at retail locations like Krogers, 7-11, GNC, and more coming soon!

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