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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Fun and an Easy Craft Day!

What do you do when the weather is HOT, but the kid wants to craft outside????

I had seen a blog post (sorry can't remember where, it's been a crazy past 4 weeks) about using bubbles to paint with and I thought it might just be the day to try it, when Mis Grace started in on wanting to craft outside!

First the ingredients:
Food Coloring
Craft paper/canvas/board

As you can see I had small dollar store bubbles and some from the local box store. a BIG note- the tube 'super' bubbles ended up being too 'oily' to really work well and dribbled on EVERYTHING- hence the old towel underneath them in the picture above, and why Miss Grace was wearing a large apron. We now know to stick with the cheaper 'regular' bubbles that are NOT thick in texture.

All you need to do is to add 4-5 drops of food coloring to your bubble jars- I tried to color coorderinate, so she would know which was which- and then shake. Let the bubbles come back to rest (ie no fizz inside) and they're ready for use. Remember- this is food coloring- it will stain what ever it touches and hands need to be washed immediately to get it off, so you might want to wear gloves during set up.

Next was setting up a board- I had a watercolor paint board, so Miss Grace decided to use it.

Due to the nature of trying to get bubbles to LAND on the paper, when God decided we needed a light breeze to cool us (grrrr(, she had to get pretty close to get the bubbles to land on the paper.

I ended helping a bit as due to the breeze we had a hard time getting bubbles to land in perfect circles on the paper. But we got a few. Miss Grace was actually more interested in the splatter patterns (yes, future scientist at work). And this would be a fun way to pull in some science and math education by talking about the ratios of splatter versus distance!

Overall she had fun, and it was a very easy project to do!

I have to admit to me, it looked better before she started placing 'bubble drips' on it, but she wanted to have fun with it and work more on velocity of drips from different heights, so I just let her roll with it. she hasn't decided to keep it as it is, or to put a smaller picture over it in the middle, and use as a frame....we shall see.

This is a fun idea, and you coul use the same concept on carstock to make some interesting Father's Day cards, and later in the year, some interesting Grandparents day presents and ornaments !

So hope our quick craft inspires you!

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