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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Keera Video Baby Monitor Gives YOU Peace of Mind

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Levana for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

I know what you're thinking....

BABY Monitor?

Don't panic on me! No baby has appeared in our household!

But Stephanie, one of our blog reviewers has 3 kids, so she was perfect to check out this new hi-tech baby monitor that you NEED, if you have babies and toddlers!

Baby products are getting higher tech nowadays -- with hi-def screens, temperature read outs and night vision (it¹s very James Bond)-- no surprise when our cell phones we carry in our pockets can so as much as our home computers! Levana is leading the charge with their new Keera Video Baby Monitor!
Keera Video Baby Monitor

Sorta looks a but Space Tech 101, doesn't it?

The Keera, Levana’s 3.5” touch panel Pan/Tilt/Zoom video baby monitor is unlike any baby monitor you have ever seen! Seriously, it screams James Bond! The Keera monitor has the ability to record video and take pictures of your little one (storing them on the included 2GB micro SD card), while viewing the live performance from your monitor. You can adjust the camera view horizontally 300° and tilt vertically 110°, plus you can zoom in for an even closer look! Just think how many adorable pictures and videos you can get of your child when they don't realize a camera is on them, or while they are sleeping! No trying to open the door silently (never happens) and not wake the sleeping child, to get an adorable short! Now the Keera can be your stealthy partner in crime and get the photo for you, while you are in another room! Score! 

The Keera has a very powerful battery that will last up to 10 hours, so no worry if you forget to put back on it's charger right away, thanks to its adjustable PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) feature. PEEP sets your monitor and your camera to “sleep” when there is no sound in the nursery, saving hours of valuable battery life. The second your baby makes a “peep”, the camera and the monitor will activate so you can see and hear exactly what is going on.! And speaking of- The Smart LED Indicator Ring changes color with the sound of your baby’s voice so you can tell how loud baby is crying even if your monitor is on mute. HOW cool is that? It's touch panel buttons and simple graphic icons make selecting any of the many features easy and intuitive, even if you are trying to deal with a frentic toddler at the same time! But that is what I can tell you- let's hear from Stephanie about how it works in her house!

Check out a video, and then we'll get to the review:

And now for our great review from Stephanie!

stephanies family

I have three children ages 8, 2 and 9 months. I have not had a monitor in the house since my daughter was a baby many years ago. I have relied upon my ears solely after I leave the childrens' room to keep tabs on them. I have tried other monitors to address this issue, but have ended up returning them because of the static and interference, that I heard on the monitor all of the time. I just never found one that met our family's needs.

This monitor set contains a handheld viewing screen for the parent and 2 video monitors. At first, I was apprehensive about assembling the unit because it looked daunting. My husband also lost the instruction manual (I'll say it for her "Men!") so I was flying blind, as they say. After begging my techy husband to put everything together for me, and being disappointed when he forgot (see above comment), I dived into the adventure solo.


I downloaded the instruction manual from the Levana website. After reading through it quickly, I was amazed that this unit was basically a plug and go video monitor. I didn't have to do ANYTHING special! I just plugged one camera into my 2 year old's room, another camera into my 9 month old's room, and inserted the battery into the handheld parental unit. Voila!! Success!! Easy Peasy!

I love that the cameras swivel SILENTLY. When you need to adjust the angle, you can't hear a peep out of them. The daytime colors are vivid and bright, as you can see in the picture above! The nighttime viewing has great clarity and I can see my children easily. There is a microphone button and I can speak to my children in their room if needed to remind them to be still and close their eyes. This is especially helpful for my mischievious 2 year old who keeps popping out of bed. (I can see a few dads playing 'God" with this feature, LOL) Other feature include a camera and a video camera to record those cute antics that you only see when they are alone. 


When both of my children are asleep, I can watch both of the at the same time on a split screen (it can actually monitor FOUR cameras if you need to!) or I can set it up to float between both rooms in 30 second bursts. My 2 year old's favorite feature is the music. I can remotely turn on one of three songs for each room. He will look at the camer and tell me "Music, Mommy!" (Camera opp!) All, I have to do is push a button from the comfort of my recliner. The parental unit has a "peep" button that helps to preserve the battery. I haven't had any battery life issues and it can run for several hours, with me actively using it, without needing to be plugged in to an outlet.

My only concerns with a wireless connected baby monitor was safety and security. I contacted the company to inquire about their security parameters to insure that no one else could drive by with a monitor and see my children. They assured me that each line is secure and provided the following information to ease my mind: "Our baby monitors use a proprietary secure wireless technology called ClearVu, which ensures that the signal between the camera and monitor are encrypted, to prevent the signal from being tampered with. So the only way anyone can access the camera feed would be through the monitor, and as long as no one has access to the monitor, you have nothing to worry about. Plus, our monitors come factory-paired, which means if your neighbor has the same monitor they won't be able to sync it to yours. First because the unit won't pair, and secondly because thee are outside the available range." Yeah, concerns settled!

 There are only 2 things that I would improve with this unit. The arrow buttons on the parental console are tiny, tiny, tiny. It gets aggravating every time I try to do something and it miskeys. The other improvement that I would suggest, is to make the console propping stick on the back into a belt clip as well, so that I can easily tote it around the house with me when I am busy. However, those two items would not prevent me from purchasing these units, and are minor quibbles. 

I have been spoiled by the peace of mind that I didn't even know I was missing. I have enjoyed seeing my 2 year old drift off to sleep by playing with his Pluto stuffed animal, and seeing my 9 month old pull up in her crib and cruise around the edge, proud of herself and so independent! I would recommend this unit to anyone with a baby and/or toddler, and it would be the best baby shower gift you could get!

Thanks Stephanie for that great review! The Keer Video Baby Monitor can be purchased directly from the Levana website, and it ionly $179.99 for a limited time only! Plus you get FREE shipping! AND if you subscrine to their newsletter, you can get another 10% off!

So make sure you pick this up for those baby shower/new baby presents, and you;ll be thanked every time the recipient uses it! We can't recommend it enough!

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