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Monday, August 10, 2015

Are You Ready for Back to School Lunches?

Disclosure: Thanks to Mott's for providing me with this great info, so that I can offer you, my lovely readers, some great ideas! This is a paid post, and I was compensated for providing the info. I was not told however, what to say and opinions are my own. 

blast off back to school banner


I bet you just said a couple of bad words, didn't you?

I know many of you are nowhere near thinking about Back to School,
much less packing school lunches yet, but some of us have less than THREE weeks to go!


Sorry- I had to go scream myself!

Miss Grace has already informed me that she needed to confiscate  use MY lunch box this year, because she's going into third grade, and needs to take larger lunches.

Oh, and that four lunch variation, that she's been taking to school for five years?

Yup, no can do.

It's just not to be done....
I hate pre-puberty school drama already, and school hasn't even started.....

So it's a good thing that there is one brand that I can count on reduce the morning school lunch drama: 

Motts logo
Yup, Mott's the applesauce brand that has been part of your childhood and your parent's and grandparent's!

Mott's isn't  JUST about apples anymore! 

They have new flavor creations that will make you sit up and take notice, like Mango Peach and Blueberry Applesauce (my personal fav) in fun snack size containers. Mixed Berry and Strawberry Applesauce in fun squeeze packs,  And let's not forget their snack size apple juice and fruit punch flavors, that are perfect for adding to your kids' lunch boxes this year! 

Got kids that love little yellow creatures?

motts minion branded products

Mott's has you covered with fun Minions specially packaged applesauce, apple juice and squeeze packs! Lunch really CAN be cool with these fun little guys tucked in! And you can make some pretty cool crafts with the Mott's Minions Page!

But ease of packing and fun characters isn't where Mott's REALLY shines for Back to School Lunches!

motts box tops banner

Mott’s® is a proud partner of Box Tops for Education and they have Box Tops on their 100% juice, juice drinks and applesauce. Which means every time YOU buy great products for YOUR kids' school lunches, your kids' school(s) win too! 

Did you know that your school can earn 10 cents for EVERY box top?

During the last two years Miss Grace's school was able to raise about $5,000 for new school equipment and supplies,ranking them #2 in our area! Not bad for a small private school! 

And that is exactly where Box Tops REALLY helps- for the small schools that need the extra fund raising for essentials, that they don't want to raise tuition for, or that they don't have enough fund raising for. box Tops are SO easy for everyone to save and send in. Over 38 million households across the country actively clip Box Tops for their school and submit them, like we do!

box tops brand partner badge

All you do is look for the brand supporter badge (above) on a product, like Mott's and then for the Box Top to clip, You might be surprised where you find them this back to School shopping time! Mott's is an active brand Box Tops for Education Supporter,with their products in stores nationwide, making it easy for everyone to find them and turn them in to their school!

So this year, avoid the lunch drama and get kids the flavors and fun products they want in their lunch boxes, and remember to clip those Box Tops and send them in to your school! Your school can get a new playground set thanks to Mott's and those little yellow guys!


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