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Monday, August 17, 2015

Book Review: Reset Your Child's Brain by Victoria L. Dunckley, MD

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this ebook, free of charge,from New World Library, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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Perhaps the most important parenting book of the year, is this new book released last month!


A no-cost, nonpharmaceutical treatment plan for children with behavioral and mental health challenges

Increasing numbers of parents grapple with children who are acting out without obvious reason. Revved up and irritable, many of these children are diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar illness, autism, or other disorders but don’t respond well to treatment. They are then medicated, often with poor results and unwanted side effects. Based on emerging scientific research and extensive clinical experience, integrative child psychiatrist Dr. Victoria Dunckley has pioneered a four-week program to treat the frequent underlying cause, Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS).

Dr. Dunckley has found that everyday use of interactive screen devices — such as computers, video games, smartphones, and tablets — can easily overstimulate a child’s nervous system, triggering a variety of stubborn symptoms. In contrast, she’s discovered that a strict electronic fast single-handedly improves mood, focus, sleep, and behavior, regardless of the child’s diagnosis.

Offered now in this book, this simple intervention can produce a life-changing shift in brain function — all without cost or medication. Dr. Dunckley provides hope for parents who feel that their child has been misdiagnosed or inappropriately medicated, by presenting an alternative explanation for their child’s difficulties and a concrete plan for treating them


Every day we hear how technology is changing education- how the use of computers, tablets and laptops, is allowing kids a different education level than ever before. But what is the FLIP side of that equation?

There's the rub. We want the best for our kids, but what if the best is ACTUALLY harming them and causing more issues?

We had had a big problem with Miss Grace toward the end of the last academic year, and both her tutors and teachers were perplexed, as one on one she made progress, but then would regress. Suddenly she HATED reading and books. We all started thinking their may be a developmental disability, and rounds of testing started. But she tested for naught. And then I got hold of this book during the Summer, and the proverbial light bulb went off. Could her greatly increased use of tablet and cell phone at her dad's house, coupled with routine use for homework and reward time at home, be compounding into an issue that was keeping her from making advances in learning? It seemed so far fetched.

But then I did a 2 week semi-Screen Rest, as suggested by Dunckley in the book. It was AMAZING to see the changes. The coursework she did daily improved like crazy, meltdowns almost stopped completely, she was cooperative and energetic, and back to how she was before the change. Ta dah. Theory proven. We were so shocked at how well it worked. During this time period was when she got re-addicted to Legos and building things- her brain wanted not only a creative outlet, but problem solving 'games'. By adding in STEM kits and a LOT of crafting, her brain was engaged, but in a healthy way. 

Unfortunately real life intrudes, and it is hard to keep that screen free world. But what we have found is by keeping some of the core principles in place, she has not slid back to where she was. Tablet and cell time is limited (and none allowed 2 hours before bedtime), TV time is only allowed after chores and other activities have been exhausted, and it is VERY limited. She even wants to read before bedtime now as a means to relax. WANTS to read! We are thrilled! And now the school year has started, meltdowns are almost a thing of the past (we do have the beginning stages of puberty ascending on us and still too much screen time when she isn't at home), but overall she has adjusted to reduced screen time at home with almost no problems, and this book has been a literal lifesaver for us!

I really can't recommend the book enough! With school starting and extra curricular activities, now might be a great time for you to implement a reduced Screen period like we did and see how much of a difference in can make for your household!

About the Author:

Victoria L. Dunckley, MD, is an award-winning integrative psychiatrist who has appeared as a mental health expert on such media outlets as the TODAY show, NBC Nightly News, and the Investigation Discovery network. In the past ten years, her Reset Program has helped more than five hundred children, teens, and young adults who failed to respond to conventional treatment alone. She lives and practices in Los Angeles.

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