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Thursday, August 6, 2015

#SwitchtoSheba Like We Did and Make YOUR Cat VERY Happy (giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Sheba, via Vocalpoint, for review purposes on this blog. i will receive paid compensation, for the post, but I was not told how to post about it, and all opinions are my own.

Does your cat prefer wet or dry food? 

 We've always fed our cat dry food, and supplemented with the occasional tuna or salmon.

vocal poitn loco

Thanks to Vocalpoint, we were recently able to check out a new line of wet cat food from a name we all know: SHEBA

 #switchtosheba kit

Did you know that SHEBA cat food has no fillers and meat is always the first ingredient on their cat food? This means that your kitty is getting more protein and less fillers. I didn't!

Our #SwitchtoSHEBA kit included their new Sheba Perfect Portions, with 2 servings in individual attached containers and a sample of their canned Cuts and Pate!

sheba individual portions chicken

Above is what the SHEBA Perfect Portions Chicken Flavor looks like. As you can see it looks like ground meat, and is packed in Fish Oil, with added vitamin E! Which means it is GOOD for your cat! It comes in 8 different flavors, that cats love, like tuna, liver, and seafood. But the question is what da cat thinks about it! 

cat eating sheba individual portions chicken

Yup, that is da cat with her head in the bowl, ignoring me, because it is SO good! She literally would NOT put her head OUT of the bowl, until she finished it all! She LOVED it! I like the perfect portions, as it allows Miss Grace to not over feed the cat. 

cat eating sheba salmon pateThe SHEBA Pate collection has 11 fun flavors for your cat. The pate collection has tender meats like Salmon, Cod, and Turkey in natural juices. 

How good do they taste? 

Apparently better than the Individual Portions (course it could have just been because it was Salmon flavor), as the cat actually ate half her bowl before taking a break, sighing with pure contentment, then attacking the rest, and then proceeding to sigh again and sprawl out like a glutton and sleep for an hour. For her, this is utter enchantment with her food!

The next morning we found the SHEBA Canned Chicken Entree being rolled by the cat on the floor. Apparently she was trying to figure out how to open it by herself. Silly cat!

But that is a sign of just how much she LOVES the SHEBA food!

The canned cuts featured chicken in gravy and she literally licked the bowl CLEAN. So apparently the gravy was da bomb! LOL. Looks like we'll be trying out all 10 flavors!

We were pleasantly surprised with how well our cat LOVED the new SHEBA products. and how they didn't appear to bother her stomach too much, thanks to their being made from REAL meat and not having all that junk in them! 

The SHEBA line of cat food is available at your local grocery store, national chains like Walmart, Target, Walgreens and Family Dollar and more. You can check the SHEBA website to find a retailer near you, And right now you can download a $1 off coupon to try the new Individual Portions with your cat.

And when you do, be sure to snap a photo of them enjoying it:

 #switchtosheba contest banner

You can enter to win a year's supply of Sheba cat food, by simply sharing a picture of your adorable feline (preferably enjoying their new bowl of SHEBA cat food!)! 

Just head on over to Vocalpoint to enter!

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