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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thin Botanicals Is YOUR Choice For Fall Slimming!

Disclosure / Disclaimer:  I received this product, free of charge, from Thin Botanicals, via Tomoson, for blog review purposes. No other compensation,  monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post/review. Nor was I told what to say, all opinions are my own, and yours may be different.

Oh oh, Summer is drawing to a close and your know what that means...

Yup, pumpkin everything! LOL

But seriously, what yo will be getting is lots and lots of comfort food and baked goods, right?

All that work you did to be swimsuit ready for vacation, is about to slide away.

But maybe not!

Thin Botanicals is here to help!

This transforming body contouring wrap tightens and firms problem areas. The wraps are easy to apply, right out of the box. No mess. No bandages or clips. Richly concentrated with a mix of scientifically proven 100% botanicals, herbs and plant extracts selected to promote the breakdown of fat and cellulite. Wraps are safer that diet pills and easier to take with you!

What makes the Thin Botanicals formula so great?

  • SOPHORICOSIDE - a Japanese tree extract for anti-obesity and fat burning.
  • CAPSACIN - Chili extract that destroys cellulite. Reduces body fat inside the body in order to reduce cellulite and prevents obesity. Reduces psoriasis flare-ups by 85-90%. Blocks production of skin cells that are overproduced in psoriasis.
  • CATECHIN - Green Tea biggest benefit? It's all about the catechin content. Eliminates the accumlulation of lipids (fat cells) and reduces cellulite.
  • CAFFEINE - Excellent in strengthening elasticity and removing swelling, softens collage fiber of lipids (fat cells) to reduce cellulite. Actually shrinks fat cells. Boosts weight loss.
  • FAR INFARED AND NEGATIVE ION -Improves metabolism and promotes blood circulation. Infared heat has the ability to detoxify and revitalize various organ systems, such as the endocrine system. Negative ions trigger detoxification by attracting positive ions, which are always in excess in a sick body.

Te Thin Bitanicals contouring wrap tightens and firms problem areas, like tummy, hips, arms and can even reduce cellulite in the thigh area. You get 5 wraps per box (really more like really large sticker versus an actual wrap), and you apply one every other day for immediate slimming results, There are SO easy to use- you just leave one on for 6-8 hours, or overnight. Note- you can cut up a wrap  in pieces and use for smaller areas, like arms and chin, that you want to target. Easy peasy! Once you remove the backing application paper on a wrap, the wrap must be used immediately to ensure that the cloth wrap is moist and saturated when applied and that the natural ingredients of the natural formula are effective. It also won't stick very well (if at all) if you wait, which I tested when I cut a small piece off to check it out.

thin botanicals test

That's a pretty amazing photo, right? It was achieved using the Thin Botanicals wrap, and then wrapping Saran Wrap around it for extra heat application. 

Now I didn't have those type of results, but I did pretty good! I started using them 4 days before vacation. I figured 4 days of reduction would help me start off on a negative (you know you never watch what you eat on vacation!), and by wearing while on vacation ,and then when I got home for 2 more days, I could keep some of the weight from coming, and then do away with what did. And it worked! 

You can definitely feel the Thin Botanicals wrap started working when you put the first one on. It takes about 20-30 minutes and then your body heat really hits it and suddenly the process is off and running. I swear you can FEEL your body detoxing and burning the fat! After only 2 applications, I started vacation with swimsuit and pants loose (yeah). I put one on when we got back to the hotel after a huge meal and the bloated feeling quickly went away, and by morning, my pants were back to being loose. AHA! After a day home, I started again and by the time I saw the doctor for a possible broken toe (achieved while going up a civil war brick stair case in flipflops and tripping, yeah ONLY me...), I had lost 5 more pounds, and all the 'vacation weight' was gone, as was a little more! I was thrilled!

Thin Botanicals have a 18 month shelf life when unopened, so if you do have to interrupt using them for whatever reason, you can start right back up when you can.  That also means if you catch them on sale, you can purchase multiple boxes with no worry! And they do have a 30 day guarantee, so if they don't work for you, you can get your money back! You can purchase them on Amazon, and they DO qualify for Prime shipping!

So if yo are looking at loosing some weight, or firming and toning a problem area, check out the Thin Botanicals body wraps- they could be your solution!

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