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Thursday, August 6, 2015

ZoomKit Portable Table and Activity System is YOUR Key to Sanity!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Kids Go Co, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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Sometimes a product comes with a certain amount of Karma with it-this is one of those products!

It started when the package arrived the afternoon before we were due to leave on vacation- talk about timing! Don't you love it?

Meet Miss Grace's new friend:

The ZoomKit Portable table and activity system.  

This amazing portable table is your key to car travel sanity. PERIOD!

But it is more than just a car accessory! the ZoomKit can transition easily from your car, to your child's bed, to sitting on the floor…anyplace your child goes they can bring their special little space with them!

  The ZoomKit features a recessed table and item holders, to help with slipping, dropping, sliding and making a mess! With the ZoomKit, your child will not only be organized, they'll be mess free in no time!

Miss Grace didn't quite believe me that the pretty blue piece of soft, pliable EVA foam material and rounded soft edges (for safety in case of a car crash) was going to be her friend during our car trip, while driving to our beach vacation! Oh ye of little faith!

Putting the table to together is SO simple! You unwrap the plastic and then insert the legs in being their super easy connectors. Seriously from box to ready in 2 minutes flat! So simple a 8 yr old could later put the table together and apart on her own!


 You also get a waist belt that easily snaps onto each leg, to help keep the ZoomKit table steady for younger kids. Miss Grace declared it unnecessary, and it was, as when she no longer needed the table, it was easy for her to reach over and put it on the seat next to her. Thanks to the stable legs, it stayed put!

The ZoomKit comes with an insert box you can fill with your childs’ own favorite toys and activities. For Miss Grace, this meant filling it with all her treasures while on vacation, so that on the return home, she could place her insert box in the table and look at everything once again, and yet have it all CONTAINED. Oh those magic words to a mom!

I was a bit worried about the size of the ZoomKit and whether it would be too small for Miss Grace's tall 8 yr old self, but as you can see from above, it fit just perfectly on her lap and in between the car seat arms. 

One of the wonderful things about the ZoomKit is that there are available inserts for it! They fit perfectly in the bottom slot and stay PUT thanks to their great design, that works WITH the ZoomKit!

We were sent 2 of them for review. The first you can also see in the picture above, with what has Miss Grace's undivided attention- The ZoomArt Space Magic Pack:

I didn't allow her to open the pack at ALL, until we got under way after our time at IMMS, as I knew she would be entranced with the kit, and I wanted her to have enough time with it. Her eyes went "WOW" and her mouth went "ooooo", as she opened the flaps in the backseat!

ZoomART features illustrations and activities by different featured artists. The kits can be used alone or set into the ZoomKIT travel table. ZoomART includes a built in dry eraser board, a reusable dry eraser activity book with mazes, dot-to-dots, and matching games, a coloring book and both dry eraser pens and crayons with easy use holders. but the BEST part is how it all folds up into itself, with holder for the pens and crayons! Everything has it's place and stays there! Woo hoo! I head at least 5 times in the first 20 minutes about how COOL the art pack was, and how she could reuse it over and over and it was just too great! She even used it to count license plates on the way to and from Florida (top count was 18 different states-not too shabby!)

You know how it is on vacation, you bring things and the kids never want to use them. But with the ZoomART it was different- Miss Grace was happy to bring it with her into a restaurant from the car, and then into the hotel room! I was really amazed at how well the ZoomART kit kept her engaged and happy! 

I hope they come out with more kits, as it would be great to alternate the kits, to keep the kid from being bored with it.

The additional insert we received was the

ZoomSNACK keeps meals contained in a Bento box style food insert. The attached hinged lid means no more hunting for that matching lid. Plus it features a tethered spork, to ensure your child will not drop their utensil, forcing you to have to stop to recover it for them! Plus the tether can also be used to hold child’s sippy cup or own toys. ZoomSNACK is dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. Which means it is SUPER easy to clean! BPA and Pthalates Free.

We discovered a super coffee house in Pensacola, and their sandwiches fit PERFECTLY into the ZoomSnack, with room for chips and a cookie in the box as well! her drink fit perfectly in the cup slot and thanks to the drop in capability, nothing MOVED. She was able to eat as much as she wanted and then CLOSE her lid, and keep everything contained, until she was hungry again 2 hours later! Miss Grace was besides herself-"everything fits! I adore this table Mom!!"

What a difference from the last trip where she whined and complained. I never heard a 'are we there yet?', only a "how much longer do I have to play?" In theory the same question,but sans whining, makes Mom happy to answer!

The ZoomKit comes in 2 colors- “Pacific” deep turquoise, like we received and “Hibiscus” dark pink. The ZoomKIT is aimed at standard size children ages 3-7, but Miss Grace still has at least 6-9 months with it, at a minimum, So it just depends on the size of your child. The ZoomSnacks come in 3 different colors, so each child can have their own color coded snack tray! You can also get the ZoomIn Collection, which has the ZoomArt, ZoomSnack and an extra ZoomIn insert, like comes with the ZoomKit. Plus they have a ZoomTote to keep your table contained in! And more inserts are being planned, like a Sensory Experience and Car Travel Games/Kit! 

Check out this video to see them all in action:

Yup, it's not just my kids who is totally entranced with the ZoomKit!

ou can purchase the ZoomKit online, or use the ZoomKit Finder to find a location in your area.

What I heard from the back seat MULTIPLE times on our car trip was "Mom, I LOVE this table!" She really loved being the art pack, with its drawing and games. And being able to swap from the Snack Box to the Art Box to the Holder box, and look through all the treasures she had collected while on vacation. And everytime she was done, she was able to stack her boxes next to her on the seat, and everything was CONTAINED. Have I said that enough? LOL When you're on a car trip, that is such a great blessing isn't it? It's good karma indeed! 

The table has followed her in the house and she uses it while watching TV and crafting. I can already see where the table will be a HUGE blessing while on the road to competitions in the new year, as well as for when we are waiting for results after she competes, thanks to it's uber portability! And thanks to its sturdiness, I know we'll be able to pass it down, once she outgrows it. This is a gift to a child that will keep on giving (mainly parents sanity!), and be able to grow with your child.

We highly recommend the ZoomKit table and accessories and know you'll love them as much as we do after your try them too!

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  1. I really wish I had The ZoomKit Portable table and activity system when my kids were young. What super entertainment and it would have kept my children busy in the car also.
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