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Friday, September 25, 2015

Can You Give Back, Get a Great Winter Accessory and Change a Life? Thanks to Mitscoots You CAN!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge,from Mitscooots, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them!

What do you get when you combine an essential item, with a charitable twist?

mitscoots logo

You get Mitscoots!

Mitscoots was founded in 2012 with a mission: Get + Give + Employ. 

For every pair of socks purchased, Mitscoots give an pair of the same quality of socks to the homeless (they have partnered with a number of amazing local and national charities to help give the socks away). The company also gives those transitioning out of homelessness much needed work packaging up the socks at their headquarters in Austin, Texas. 

mitscoots  childs socks

Now that makes a sock more than just a sock!

Their men’s socks are meant to stand out and be bold and their women’s socks represent the heart of a woman who does more than just wear something that looks good, but chooses to wear something that means good.They recently added kid's socks too!

mitscoots  and miss grace wearing kids socks

As you can see, Miss Grace INSTANTLY claimed the socks as hers. Which they were- LOL Their crew cut Kids socks in size 2.5 to 5 fit her perfectly, with a little growing room (mom's LOVE that!). They are SO soft and comfortable that she instantly claimed them for practice socks (that says a LOT). She loves the funky styling, and when I told her how the company gives back, she said "Ooooo they fill a bunch of buckets don't they! I need to tell me friends about them!" (her school is using the them of buckets to teach the kids compassion and understanding this year).

And that filling of buckets is about to get a WHOLE lot better with some help from YOU!

mitscoots kickstarter campaign items 1

 Mitscoots has a Kickstarter campaign running for the next 5 days, to fund its first product run of its new WINTER gear line of hats, scarfs and gloves, and to help them to expand a larger structure of employment for the transitioning homeless. WOW- a project that gives back in multiple ways to the community- you HAVE to love that!

While it might just be winter gear, and you don't think it can change the world, it can change life for someone on the streets making their life a little better. And isn't that what our true goal in helping others is SUPPOSED to be? By contributing to the MitScoots Kickstarter campaign, you not only get an amazing accessory for Fall and Winter, you get the opportunity to fill someone else's bucket and make a real DIFFERENCE in our world, here at home! 

mitscoots kickstarter campaign knit beanie

We were given the chance to check out one of the wonderful beanie hats from the new line and I have to tell you not only is it soft, it is so WARM! It is such a lovely knit, and the leather tab on the edge knocks the fashion flair up a notch. I had a hard time getting the color to show, but it is what I would call a dusty rose pink, and so gorgeous that the kid also 'tried' claiming it for herself! It's the perfect color for transitioning from Fall to Winter! The knit beanie also comes in heather grey and cream.

miss grace in mitscoots knit beanie 1

As you can see, the beanie is soft and flexible and I loved the devilish Peter Pan way she made it fit, while keeping the label showing -"you have to, so people will ask and you can tell them ALL about the great company and how they give to other people!"- sometimes you just know you're raising your kid right! 

Their Kickstarter Campaign allows you to get different items from this new line, for your contribution. They are LESS than $2,000 away from making their $22,000 goal, and I just KNOW they will make it with 5 days left. Check out the rest of the line and you'll be wanting to get in and support them and make your Fall more fashionable too: 

Their men's Lumberjack beanie comes in an amazing graphite grey, blue or brown denim color, and features an anti-pill finish, and will retain its shape no matter how much wear and tear you give it! That's something we can all love! There are matching graphite grey gloves (also available in cream to match the ladies knit beanie). And then their is their amazing scarf! Available in the same colors as the knit beanie, the infinity scarf is beyond soft, yet able to keep all the chills from your neck, while being VERY fashionable!

And if you're missing the socks, don;t worry- they got you covered with a cool looking Anniversary Argyle that is perfect for all!

YOU can play a critical role Mitscoots first production run of its new Fall and Winter gear, while getting a wonderful accessory that will allow you to share with your friends, family and passerbys, about this greta company too! So check out heir video and then head on over and join the Kickstarter Campaign TODAY!

And be sure to head over to their website and check out their cool socks, like these below and add them to your Christmas list! Sign up for their email list and you get 20% off your first order too!

mitscoots sock collage

mitscoots  2nd logo

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