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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Didja Notice My Restraint Yesterday?

So yesterday was the FIRST day of Fall.....

Didja notice????

I don't know about you, but EVERY one of my social media channels were filled to the brim with pumpkins, pumpkin flavored foods (and drinks), HALLOWEEN decor and costumes, and pretty much anything yellow/orange/black/red/purple, or a combination of it....

gilmore girls emily have you lost your mind meme
Courtesy of http://www.celebuzz.com/


I love Fall people.

I'm a Fall baby.

But I hereby heed my notice that I have had it up to HERE with pumpkins everything.....

You've been at it since Labor Day.

I'm done.

So until the weather actually goes below 88, and into the 50s consistently (ie for more than 15 minutes), I officially have Fall ennui.....

gilmore girls michele ennui meme
Courtesy of http://www.pastemagazine.com/

(which of course explains the Gilmore Girls memes, cause when I think ennui, I automatically think of their Love, Daisies and Troubadours episode above....)

gilmore girls lorelai cynical coffee meme
Courtesy of http://www.celebuzz.com/

Oh wait, no.

 Everyone is putting pumpkin in their coffee..


gilmore girls rory crying coffee meme
Courtesy of http://www.celebuzz.com/

It's a VEGETABLE people.

Do you put celery, green peppers or cucumbers in your coffee?


So back away from the coffee.....

gilmore girls lorelai life advice meme
Courtesy of http://www.celebuzz.com/

And I leave you with that excellent life advice from Lorelai....


  1. This is just too stinking funny, here in California it certainly doesn't feel like fall. Yesterday it was 97 degrees that certainly doesn't feel like fall.

    1. Thanks Denise- I try sometimes :)
      Glad it made you laugh!


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