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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Febreze Air Purifier Will Have YOUR Home Ready for Fall!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Febreze, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Well so far today we have cleaned our teeth and our home surfaces and fabric,
so how about we clean the air in our home?

Cooler weather means closed window season is nearly upon us, and with that comes stale and dirty air trapped inside the home. 

Meet the Air Purifier you didn't know you needed:

Febreze FHT180W Mini Tower

The Febreze FHT180W Mini Tower HEPA-Type Air Purifier

Thanks to Febreze Air Purifiers, readers can have a new way to cut down the clean time and keep their air feeling fresh. The first ever air purifier with Febreze scent,  has a powerful, doctor recommended HEPA-Type filter, that traps up to 99% of airborne particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander and odors. 

Febreze FHT180W Mini Tower used filter

How well does it do that? Just check the photo above- that is after only 2 DAYS! I know! Course some of that might be accounted for by the cat rubbing all over on the sides, LOL

How does it work so well?

Febreze FHT180W Mini Tower diagram
 1. Dirty, stale, odor-filled air is drawn into the air purifier by a strong fan. 
2 The Dual Action Filter has a specially formulated carbon pre-filter, that traps household odors and larger airborne particles, such as pet hair, lint and dust.
3 As the air moves through the HEPA-Type filter, up to 99% of the microscopic particles, 2 microns and larger, are captured.
 4 Fresh Febreze scent is added to the filtered air before it is released back into the room.

Pretty cool. But I know your question is how well does it work as far as freshening the air. And the answer is extremely well! Our living room had a stale smell due it, due to having no air in, as the AC had been running non-stop with a month of 90 plus degree temps. Once I put the purifier on, within 15 minutes, when you walked into the room you smelled clean, fresh smelling air! And it stayed that way.

Then this past weekend we had a kitchen issue, where the freezer door didn't get shut all the way and we lost some items out of the freezer. I was in a hurry to get the kid to dance class and didn't take the garbage bag out. Whoops. By the time we got home, the kitchen was a bit rank. So I moved the purifier to the kitchen, got rid of the garbage and can, and within an hour the smell was totally GONE and stayed that way! YEAH!

Febreze air purifiers

This model is meant to work with a room that is under 85 square feet. The product line also includes a taller stand purifier (model FHT190V), , that covers 170 sq foot, and a tabletop model (model 

FHT170W ) that covers  85 square feet as well. Both the 180 and 170 models are available in black, to better match your decor, as well.

It is recommended that you change the air filter every 4 months. The Filter change light will appear on the top of the purifier, when it's time, so you'll know when to buy another filter! When you add a new filter, you just press the reset button, and it will automatically start over and keep track of the new filter for you! Don't you love simple technology?

Febreze model purifiers

All 3 purifiers have the same 3 air-cleaning levels and a freshness control dial for the scent cartridge, to provide customized, hands-free and stress-free cleaning for the air in your house! As you can see the controls are VERY simple to use, and very self explanatory. If the purifier has been off, then I will set the scent level to high, with a medium to full air flow, and then turn the air flow down, and then the scent within an hour. For us that seems to really work well. The higher the air flow, naturally you will get more of the scent smell. 

The Febreze Air Purifier is super easy to use, you just unbox it, unpack the filter cartridge, open the back tab, and insert filter in, then unpack the scent cartridge, remove the top cover, and slide it in the top (that left side door in the picture above, the cartridge can only go in one way, so it's easy!) and then set your scent level, speed and 

It is recommended to change the Febreze scent every month. You also get a warning light on the top of the purifier, to alert you to add a new scent cartridge! And like the filter, there is a reset button, to start you on the next countdown! Currently there are 2 scents options, Spring & Renewal (pink), and Linen & Sky (blue, which we received), and they come 2 to a pack.

fall windows
Courtesy of Pixabay
So how else can the Febreze Air Purifier help get your whole house ready for Fall?

1. Vacuuming & Dusting: Continuously run the Febreze Air Purifier to help control the runaway dust particles that linger in the air.
2. Cleaning out the Refrigerator: Bring the unit into your kitchen—when you find smelly leftovers from months ago, you’ll be thankful for the Febreze fresh scent.
3. Don’t add VOCs when Cleaning: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are harmful gases that are emitted by many cleaners, run the Febreze Air Purifier to help remove the toxins for cleaner air.

4. Organizing the Basement: Bring the Febreze Air Purifier to the basement when organizing—not only will it help capture dust particles, it will also mitigate the musty smell.

The Febreze Air Purifiers has a 3 year limited warranty- something you can really feel great about! And once you try the Febreze Air Purifier, you may just want one for every room!

You can purchase the Purifiers, and replacement filters/scents, are available at your local Walmart and CVS stores, as well as online.

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