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Thursday, September 3, 2015

History Corner / Book Review: the Constable's Tale by Donald Smith

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Moving forward in time- now to Colonial America!

 the Constable's Tale cover


Set in a tumultuous period that helped to forge a nation, a riveting mystery that takes a volunteer constable through the wilds of colonial North Carolina to track down a shadowy killer
When a traveling peddler discovers the murder of a farm family in colonial North Carolina whose bodies have been left in bizarre positions, circumstances point to an Indian attack. But Harry Woodyard, a young planter who is the volunteer constable of Craven County during a period in America's past when there was no professional police force, finds clues that seem to indicate otherwise. The county establishment wants to blame the crime on a former inhabitant, an elderly Indian who has suddenly reappeared in the vicinity like an old ghost. But he is a person to whom Harry owes much.

Defying the authorities, Harry goes off on his own to find the real killer. His investigation takes him up the Atlantic seacoast and turns into a perilous hunt for even bigger quarry that could affect the future of Britain in the American continent.


This is an interesting page turner that drops the reader into Colonial America in the South, and gives the reader a new look at the daily activities of the early settlers. I am in the middle of reading a book about the historical South, and it was intriguing to see much of what was discussed about 'indentured' people from the British isles coming to America in servitude for a lengthy period, being a core point in this story! I love it when coincidences happen like that! 

As a genealogist it was really interesting to see the Eastern seaboard area, as it was in colonial times, and the French American war from the Quebec side. Having family on both sides, it was like seeing how your ancestor's lived. Add in a pretty decent mystery that seems to have no end to it's endless loops and side trails, and you have a book that you just can NOT put down! And the surprise ending will leave you thinking and looking back for clues you might have missed! 

If you love historical based books, be sure to check out this one!

About the Author:

Donald Smith is a Washington, D.C.-based writer, broadcaster, and radio-TV producer. His articles have appeared in The Atlantic, Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune. He was executive co-producer of Radio Expeditions, the DuPont Award-winning National Geographic-National Public Radio production heard on NPR's Morning Edition. See his website for more information: 

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