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Thursday, September 17, 2015

History Corner: The South Was Right by by James and Donald Kennedy

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this ebook, free of charge,from pelican Publishing, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Moving forward on our History Timeline today, we're heading to pre-Civil War South.

If you'll note, I've stayed quiet on the whole Confederate flag fiasco (s>controversy for the past few months and unless you're on my private Facebook page, you might be too sure my feelings about it.

Growing up in the military offered me a very unique perspective on diversity, so it was no so surprise really that I opted for a West Coast university, with a varied international student body.

BUT, I am the product of what I like to call 'cross-bred' parents- my mother's father was from Arkansas, her mother was born in New Hampshire, but lived in Canada as well, my father's father was from Minnesota and his mother from Louisiana. See? Crossed indeed! So my ancestors have literally fought in almost all the wars on American soil (and including the WWI and II). And due to tracing the lineage on all the sides of the family, I've literally seen 'both sides of the fence'.  So when I saw this book was available for review and saw the positive reviews it had for being a scholarly work, I was intrigued to see what the authors (who are brothers) had compiled. Little did I know that by the time I finished it, I would be more inclined to write a term paper, versus a blog post on it!


Called "A respite from Yankee history whose exclamation point in some typefaces is rather like a cannon being fired," by The Tampa Tribune-Times, The South Was Right! is in its fifteenth printing.

Ronald and Donald Kennedy have gotten to the root of post-Civil War dissent- Much of Civil War history is untrue because like most history, it is written by the victor. The story we hear is that hundreds of thousands of Southern men went to war over an issue that only affected six percent of the population. 

Read this book and learn the truth: there was no shining Northern force fighting a moral battle for the sake of ending slavery; there was no oppressive Southern force fighting to preserve it, either; and after the South declared its independence, the Union ruthlessly invaded, leaving Southerners no choice but to defend themselves. Unfortunately, the South lost the struggle and has suffered ever since. It has become an economic colony of the North, used and exploited like other colonies throughout the world. 

Politically, the North still controls the government and continues to impose its radical social agenda on the rest of the country at the expense of individual liberty. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court, the first federal department to infringe upon the rights of sovereign states, continues to suppress any efforts to reclaim liberty for the individual from the federal government. 

Today, is a result of the war in which the South lost its right to be a free country, there is a continuing effort to obliterate all symbols dear to Southerners and make sure that the Southern states continue to have fewer rights under the constitution than other states. Furthermore, although home to one-third of the population, the South is represented by one out of nine justices of the Supreme Court, and that only after the greatest struggle. 

Sure to be one of the most controversial books of the decade, The South Was Right! is an attempt to set the record straight. Nearly a century and a half after the war, the Confederacy still exists and an order of New Unreconstructed Southerners is calling for its reunification. Brothers James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy represent the spirit of other patriots like Lech Walesa, Light Horse Harry Lee, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and Mohandas Gandhi, who inspired their people to regain their independence. 

This book, filled with documented evidence supporting all the Kennedys' claims, issues forth a frighteningly realistic picture of a captured people, their struggle to preserve their heritage, and their right to exist as an independent country and as a distinct culture. 

Book Excerpt:

You can Read sample pages, including Chapter One, on the Pelican Publishing website.


I could literally give you a whole  page review on EVERY chapter in this book. 

We have lived in the West, the North and the South sections of this country (I don't consider the Florida panhandle as being 'East Coast', so I missed that one), so I have felt the brunt of different educational systems, and how they treat history differently. For example, on the West Coast, our California history book regaled with the lush history and religious righteousness of the Spanish conquerors. Their willingness to enslave and annihilate the native population along their expansion was of little writ. Western expansion was agreeable. Up North, while the Pilgrims and Squanto were revered, broken treaties, false promises and savages ruled the history books. Yet our founding fathers based our form of government of that or the Iroquois. You were not to question the wrongness of that. In all those years of education one truth was pounded home- the Civil War was fought over slavery. PERIOD.

Yet while doing my genealogy research, as an adult,, I found Northern ancestors with slaves and indentured servants, and the Southern men who fought in the Civil Ware with none. Now why would all those Southern men fight to have slaves, that they could not afford, had never had, nor would ever be in a position to need? Why would men leave their families, knowing they may die a horrible death on the battlefield, if not for liberty and freedom, as their ancestors had? It made no sense.

Until I read this book.

It literally takes all the inventions of the Southern 'myth' and tears them apart.....

The first invention- the state of Massachusetts was the FIRST state to force the government to PROTECT slavery. And in fact, most of the ships that BROUGHT the slaves to America, where owned and operated by...wait for it..New Englanders. In fact, the state of Virginia outlawed slavery in 1778, with many other Southern states attempting to do the same, before the War even got thought of. And in fact the Confederate Constitution (which is fully included in the index of the book) outlawed slavery BEFORE the United States government did.  And no, most Northern slave owners didn't set their slaves free- they sent them down South to be sold for profit, before the laws changed. When you read the laws shown in this book, you will realize that greed from Northern owners kept slavery alive longer than it should have been. AKA the first rift in keeping the states UNITED.

The second invention- the Northern view on racism was pure as the driven snow, and all Southerners were racist. So how do you explain that out of the 6 percent of slave owners in the South, HALF worked with the slaves to earn a living, either in their businesses or on their farms, and in places like NOLA, a long history of similar standards had already existed. Yet the facts show that the Yankee backed marauders and Union troops raped, pilaged and murdered both slaves and freemen of color. And after the war, it should be no surprise, that many former slaves stayed in the South, where they were better accepted.

The third invention- if the North so decried a moral right of freedom for the slaves, then why did the government, at the urging of Northern ministers, kidnap Native American children away from their families and force them into schools, where they  had to take white names and loose their language. Wasn't that a violation of what they claimed to be earning for the slaves? And why would so many Northern states ban free blacks from ENTERING their states, if they were 'peace, love and happiness', BEFORE the war, and after?

The fourth invention- succession was based on the slavery issue alone. Ok, so then why did the Confederate Constitution OUTLAW it, and when the South broke away, did they cite the failing of the North to hold to the Declaration of Independence of 1776, where state's sovereignty was held in the 10th Amendment, to allow states' independence? It was even taught at West Pint in 1825 as a valid part of constitutional law. The truth was that the North had taken over the federal government and was making laws to protect and profit the North, at the expense of the Southern states. It was the SOUTH, that was trying to keep to the meaning of the original Declaration of Independence by being a federation of states, not a country ruled by a few.

The fifth invention- Lincoln as the great liberator- in fact Lincoln ALLOWED generals to be promoted instead of court martialled, for the above mentioned atrocities during and AFTER the war. Lincoln did not actually wish for the country to be united and working together. He wanted to subject the South to as much punishment as possible, for causing a derailing of the plans that had been made for greater profits and expansion of the North. he even wanted to send the slaves back to Africa, using the same type of ships that many had died on, being brought TO the Americas..He wasn't truly looking for equality for all.

The sixth invention- reconstruction was meant to bring the South to Northern standards. Did lightning just hit you? Think Germany post WWII, The federal government, AND Lincoln, were determined to PUNISH the South for daring the speak up and seize their rights and take the natural resources the North depended on away from them. In fact, the Reconstruction Act of 1867 took AWAY all civil government from the Southern states, put them under military rule and declared them not to be part of the Union (uh, wasn't what the war was about? You see the irony yet?), to remove all their members from Congress, so there would be no more blocks to raising the federal deficit and run away federal government spending (sound familiar?). Then they put Northerners in government posts in the South, and made them states again. By instituting the 14th Amendment, the federal government did away with everything the founders fought for to keep the state's sovereignty intact. Just look at the current drivers license mandates and you can see a sign of what the Southern states were fighting against.

The majority of Southerners were of Celtic heritage- a culture of independence, family, art, food, stories- so it should be no surprise that when pushed into a corner, they called out every wrong and rose up against the States that were seeking to take away the world, and rights, they knew and loved. The oral heritage of the South and its reverence for its past is at the heart of this ancestry. By passing down the truths as they are, our descendants will not loose it, and hopefully not allow the wrongs and injustices to be repeated. This book goes a very long way to helping you to understand the culture as IT WAS, not as it was taken and refurbished into a very different lie,  by textbooks made in the North.

This book is a revelation and may make quite a few people take a new look at what is going on in today's world, and the echoes that are influencing politics even today. They have their source in the days of reconstruction and pre-Civil War. You may be very shocked to realize, The South was Right! this is a very important book for everyone to read, to learn the actual HISTORY, not a decided upon truth, that was false. You might be surprised to find yourself rethinking everything you were taught about the South, and even politics today. I highly recommend this book.

About the Authors:

Descendants of Civil War soldiers, twin brothers James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy are both decorated, life members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and are active in other organizations promoting limited government and American liberty. In addition, they have been honored with numerous other awards for their efforts in defending the traditional view of the South and American libertyThey are frequent speakers at conferences and on radio and television programs.

In addition to The South Was Right!, the Kennedy twins have written numerous Pelican titles, including Why Not Freedom!: America's Revolt Against Big Government, Was Jefferson Davis Right?, and Nullifying Tyranny: Creating Moral Communities in an Immoral Society

Ronald, a resident of Mandeville, Louisiana, also has written Reclaiming Liberty
Donald, a resident of Downsville, Louisiana, has written Myths of American Slavery and, with Al Benson, Lincoln's Marxists, both of which are published by Pelican. 

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