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Monday, September 14, 2015

Movie Monday: Israel's Mission DVD and Discovery guide Bible Study Series by Ray Vander Laan

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Israel's Mission: Becoming a Kingdom of Priests in a Prodigal World, is the latest release in Ray Vander Laan's popular That the World May Know video series. That the World May Know features Vander Laan's unique method of Bible teaching and takes viewers on location to give context to the original writings.

Israel's Mission DVD cover

Vander Laan has always believed that to more greatly understand and appreciate the Bible, one had to have a sense of the land and the culture from which it sprang. Biblical analogies and examples, while meaningful and helpful even to this day, were first meant to convey God's truth to particular people in a particular time and place. So the more fully we can appreciate those times and places, the more fully we can respond to the power of the Word.


God gave the assignment to His people thousands of years ago: to bring "lost sheep" back into the love and safety of His kingdom. He said to become a "Kingdom of Priests," and put God on display to show the world what He is like. It's still our task today. In this thirteenth volume of the That the World May Know ® film series, you'll glimpse the urgency and rewards of welcoming the strangers and prodigals the Lord longs to embrace. Discover the mission that can give your life --- and the lives of those around you --- greater meaning than you ever imagined.

Join renowned teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan as he guides you through the lands of the Bible. In each lesson, Vander Laan illuminates the historical, geographical, and cultural context of the sacred Scriptures. Filmed on location in the Middle East and elsewhere, the That the World May Know® film series will transform your understanding of God and challenge you to be a true follower of Jesus.

Israel's Mission DVD Discovery guide book

Israel's Mission Discovery Guide

Designed for use with the Israel’s Mission DVD, allows the viewer to take notes, and provides for class discussion and individual reflection.



The DVD (and Discovery Guide) is divided into five segments: Abraham and Sarah and Three Strangers, 

Israel at Sinai:The First Great Commission, Jesus Renews His Mission: Seeking the Lost, The Lost Son: In a Far Country and The Seeking Father: The Lost Son Returns.

Each DVD lesson is about 30 minutes in length, and will hold you rapt, as you learn! Learning about the bible, while being shown where it occurred, helps to really cement the lessons in you mind. In each lesson there are Opening Thoughts from Ray and then the Discovery Guide allows you to pause and think about what you were told and how it applies. Then you have a section to take notes during the body of the lesson, with points for reference for notes. Then there is a DVD discussion area, including facts, photos and history from the DVD. Then there are leads for small group discussion, and then Points to Ponder, followed by a Faith Lesson, with additional discussion, Each lesson ends with a closing and memorization. Then there are 5 days worth of study guides. Altogether, watching the DVD as a class and allowing for writing, you are looking at an hour's time. 

This set REALLY helps you to understand why the Israelites were chosen by God to the chosen people, and why Israel is the chosen place, and ultimately, why it is so fought over. The historical perspective  and tidbits REALLY make this bible study different and so informative, you can feel the bible come alive, as you learn. This was the first bible study I had checked out from Vander Laan, and it definitely won't be the last!

If you are looking for a new bible study program for your church, or for home study, this is the program for you! Homeschooling parents may even find the historical parts great for their Middle East history sections. And the study set would be an excellent Christmas present for those who love history and studying the bible!

About the Author:

Since receiving his Master's of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary in 1976, Ray Vander Laan has been actively involved in studying and teaching Jewish culture using the methods of Jewish education. He has continued graduate studies in Jewish Studies in the United States, Israel, Turkey and Egypt. He has been a teacher for 35 years and is an ordained minister with the Christian Reformed Church. He has also authored a book entitled Echoes of His Presence, published by Focus on the Family. Vander Laan founded That the World May Know Ministries in 1998. Ray has taken over 10,000 people with him on his study tours of Israel, Turkey and Egypt.

Ray's preaching and teaching ministry is focused on understanding the Bible in light of the historical and cultural context in which God placed it. This perspective on the Bible highlights God's call for His people to be a transforming influence on their culture. He uses research of the top scholars in the fields of archaeology, history, and Biblical study as tools to explore the Biblical text ever more deeply. His gifts, expertise, and calling are to link that cultural information and the Bible so that its message applies to our lives today in very practical ways. Check out his Facebook page for more.

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