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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Friend Teddy is the MUST Have Toy For Young Kids This Year!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Genesis Toys, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Today I have an adorable educational toy, from the makers of My Friend Cayla, which Miss Grace adores!

And if you're of a certain age, he just might remind you of a toy YOU had as a child!

my friend teddy

MY  FRIEND  TEDDY  is  a  cuddly  teddy  bear,  designed  equally  as  a  personalized  plush  toy
companion, as well as a development tool for preschoolers.

my friend teddy close up

Look at that face!

Who could say NO to that face? Definitely not any young child!

And look at all that My Friend Teddy can do:

my friend teddy features
My Friend teddy is easy to use right out of the box!

my friend teddy in box
See these loosely knotted twine pieces?

my friend teddy box tabs

That is all the holds My Friend Teddy in place to the box, besides to easily cut plastic tabs (like what comes on a price tag). What that means harried parents, is that Christmas morning you can have My Friend Teddy out of the box in literally 3 minutes. Which means hugs can be achieved in 3.2 minutes! And we all know what that means- HAPPY kids!

my friend teddy back

You can feel safe with My Friend Teddy and the youngest children. 

my friend teddy back velcro

As you can see, the back has a VERY solid velcro closure, that is well hidden in Teddy's fur, and under his shirt. 

my friend teddy back opening

And here's a plus for parents- instructions on the interior buttons are right there when you first get ready to use My Friend Teddy, no chasing through a manual to find them! He does require 3 AA batteries (not included). Additional buttons are Spanish/English and Mouth Control- you can decide how much his mouth moves. Less for younger kids, more for older, for example!

Now let's hear an example of Teddy's adorableness in action:

The best part about  My Friend Teddy is that you can customize Teddy to respond to your child personally, by inputing their info into the My Friend Teddy App (available on Google Play and iTunes). You can add specific information like their name, favorite characters, color and food, family names, their birthday, and more. There are 50 questions you can input answers for! 

my friend teddy app questions

Teddy then incorporates that info into his interactive engagement with your child, in talking AND storytelling! Teddy doesn't require the online app to work, it's required only if you want the interactive features like storytelling, games  and photo album. And he sends very little data back and forth, so you won't be running up your data usage bill. And the app doesn't go online, it is all self-contained, so it's safe for older kids to use without you. Plus you can block certain words or phrases you don't want Teddy to respond to or use, and it's self checker system, Violet, also keeps any offensive words from being inputed as answers to the 50 questions.

my friend teddy app screen

The app is super easy to use, and just about walks you through everything on your initial set up, including setting up your initial Bluetooth connection with Teddy! 

My Friend Teddy also features numerous activities to further enhance your child's motor skills and language development, via its interactive learning games and counting exercises, while offering multiple degrees of complexity built in which parents can adjust as your child matures. 

my friend teddy app levels

How cool is that?  We all love interactive learning don't we? Kids do too!

Some notes- you can change Teddy's volume level in the app, when you set him up. While his sweater can be washed, teddy can't be. You can wipe the fur with a wet wipe, if needed, just don't wipe any of the electronics. 

my friend teddy pink

Right now My Friend Teddy is available at Walmart, so you can grab him and be ready for Christmas morning! Teddy also comes in a pink version, in case you have a little girl who wants all things pink!

flashing Win


Want to win a My Friend Teddy for your child/grandchild?

How about TWO of them?

Head on over to the My Friend Teddy website and between now and December 1st, you can enter to win a SET of My Friend Teddy- both the regular and pink versions! Just in time for Christmas! All you have to do is follow their Facebook and/or Twitter pages! How EASY is that? So head on over and enter today!

And then you'll get to see these smiles of joy in your home!

kids with my friend teddy


  1. Bible is a word blocked in the app. Apparently being a Christian is offensive

  2. Actually the makers chose to not include it to keep kids from getting a different opinion than what they may be taught by parents. Many such words were excluded to help parents have to keep from having duscussions when kids learned a different opinion than what is held in their house. I woukd rather a toy not get into bible duscussions. That is what family church group n pastor duscussions are for. Not a toy.


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