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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wonder Clips are YOUR Sewing Accessory for Halloween Crafting!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Evergreen Supply, via Tomoson, <for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Rounding out our technology theme for the day, 
I have a non-technology item that brings technical precision to crafting!

wonder clips  in jar

Wonder Clips come in a convenient container with a secure screw on top, so you never lose a clip and are ready to start crafting with you immediately. Their bright colors are definitely eye catching! 

They are perfect for all types of crafting, including sewing, quilting and more.

wonder clip close up
The clips have a large holding capacity with a built in seam allowance marking, to help you to  allow you to align materials ahead of time, and easily create flawless seams.

I decided to use the clips on a quickie Halloween sewing project- a Halloween fabric themed
table pad, to set a bowl of Halloween candy on,

wonder clips and fabric

I started with my Wonder Clips, rotary cutter and mat and 4 Halloween fabrics.

wonder clips and fabric 2

Initially I cut 2 strips of the spider and spider web fabrics. Each strip was 2 1/2 inches wide by 20 inches long, as that was the length already.

I then cut out a backing fabric for the final square.

I then sewed the 2 long strips together, making one 5 inch wide strip. 

wonder clips and fabric on sewing machine 2

Thanks to the flat bottom of these Wonder Clips, you can hold your materials in place the whole time, as you sew all the way to the presser foot. You don't have to stop and remove pins constantly!

wonder clips and fabric on sewing machine 3

I did find it easy to slide the clips down toward me, as I was sewing, making for a very quick sewing time, as I wasn't having to stop and take out pins, or slow down to go over them!

Once I had the 4 1/2 inch wide strip, I cut a matching strip from the 4th fabric (cats and pumpkins) and placed them right sides together, and then sewed BOTH sides together. I then pressed open all the seams, and turned the tube right side out. Using the Wonder Clips to not only hold the the strips together, but to keep them from puckering while sewing was amazing. I din't miss my pins at all! I could really appreciate using these clips on sensitive fabric like silk and polys!

wonder clips holding fabric
wonder clips holding fabric 2

After steaming open the seams on my tube of strips, I  put them right side out and using my 45 degree angle I cut out triangles. I then opened them up and steamed their seams, and decided on my square sequence.

completed halloween top

 I then sewed 2 squares together, matching seams. You can see how the clips helped to line up the seams. As you can see you get a really interesting triangle effect, to make a great looking square.

wonder clips holding fabric backing

I then sewed my backing squares together in the same 4 square sequence. I then layered the pieced top, a thin batting, and the bottom layer, and repined using the clips.

wonder clips holding fabric binding

I purposely had the backing fabric larger, so I could pull it up as use it as the binding for the top layer. Using the Wonder Clips for the binding was also revelation-no more pins pulling out on their own while sewing a small binding, and the line stayed straight. Woo hoo!

finished square

I then sewed in the ditch to quilt the layers together, which also then gives you the design on the back layer.  I love the end result and Miss Grace was immediately tried to claim it for her Halloween village! Nope! Mine. But I did end up with some smaller triangles from the 20 inch strips, so I am going to make a smaller version up and surprise her with it! 

You get 50 clips per jar, and after using them for this project, I will definitely be picking up a couple more jars, at least, so when I work on quilts, I will have enough! Right now they are on sale for ONLY $10 per jar (that's a mere 20 cents per clip- the cheapest I've ever seen them!), they are a steal! Once you try them you will be amazed like I was and use them for all your sewing and crafting projects! 



  1. I never heard of Wonder Clips before. They are certainly useful and helpful. I can think of more uses for them too.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. Those are super cool and that's a great price for so many! I've seen little clips like that and never thought I would ever use them, but after seeing your post I realize they would be MUCH easier then pinning! Guess I'll be ordering me a set for my stocking!!

    1. they are! once you try them you'll swear off pins- really! and it is the best price Ive seen!


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