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Monday, October 19, 2015

Music Monday- We Love Disney

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this cd, free of charge,from Walt Disney Records and Verve, via the One2One Network, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

What happens when some of the hottest names in the music business take on classics Disney songs they grew up with as kids?


Pure Disney magic!

And even MORE magic- the CD comes out the day before Halloween (October 30th)!

I know, could Disney make the Holiday any MORE magical?

We recently got to check out the cd and wanted to share our thoughts with you, so you would be running to snap it up!


1 Friend Like Me - from Aladdin-sung by NE-YO- this song is JUST as great as the original! It has the same jazz swing that you fell in love with as a child- there's a reason it was placed first on the album-its easily the best song on the album! While listening you can imagine the video in your head quite easily (and surprise! I get to share it with you below, so keep reading!)!

2 Part Of Your World- from Little Mermaid-Jessie J- she definitely has the voice to pull off this toughie. And she does a great job in bringing an adult feel to the song, while still making it suitable for the entire family, and hits all the right notes

3 Can You Feel The Love Tonight- from The Lion King-sung by Jason Derulo- hybrid version- sorta R&B, sorta hip hop, sorta pop- its different, but the fussy arrangement takes away from the beauty of the lyrics for me.

4 Rainbow Connection - from the Muppet Movie- sung by Gwen Stefani - while listening to this song, you can imagine Gwen singing this song to her sons, it has that same lullaby feel to it. Lovely and tied for my my second fav from the album

5 From Zero to Hero-from Hercules- sung by Ariana Grande-Disney meets  hip hop/pop version, I'm just not a fan of her, or her singing, so this one went to skip after one listen.

6 In A World Of My Own/Very Good Advice- from Alice in Wonderland- sung by Jhene Aiko- this version gives us R&B sound, crossed with new age- very different from the original, but enjoyable!

7 I Wan'na Be Like You- Jungle Book- Fall Out Boy- the only true Rock version on the album, you can tell the boys love this song and take their version seriously- you get the same vibe as from the original and tony primo would be impressed at the modern take

8 Colors Of The Wind- from Pochahantas-sung by Tori Kelly- I purposedly saved listening to this track, til last, as this is one of my and the kid's favorite Disney songs of ALL time (seriously, I had to record Vanessa Williams singing it for the kid at a promo event I attended,, she about died to hear it sung live), So it had a very high bar to get over-seriously I always get goosebumps listening to the original. Didn't on this version- Tori has a decent voice, but the emotion of the words themselves aren't there. She gives it a valiant try, and its a decent version, but nobody can touch the original. Period.

9 A Spoonful Of Sugar - from Mary Poppins- sung by Kacey Musgraves- no one can be Julie Andrews either, but its a decent Western swing version. I would just rather my kids know the original VERY well, before they heard this one.

10 Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat-from Aristocats- sung by Charles Perry- The song's classic Jazz blues is still here, but with a pop tinge. Different but good, my #3 pick off the CD,

11 A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes-from Cinderella- sung by Jessie Ware- had not heard of Jessie  before, but WOW what a voice- she has the range of Idina Menzel, combined with the soulfulness of say, Anita Baker, and the result is a song that may be better than the original! My other number 2 pick off the CD!

12 Let It Go-from the immortal Frozen- sung by Lucy Hale & Rascal Flatts- for me this song is slowed down way too much and its lowered octave to accomendate the singers, looses something magical from the original. Honestly it went to skip on the second listen and stayed there.

13 It's a Small World - from the theme park attraction-sung by various artists- There is something about adults singing the song that seems wrong somehow, but some of the artists manage to capture the right feeling, but this one went to skip as well.

Now how about checking out my favorite video from the CD?

See what I mean?

That song will get you moving and groovin in the morning, right?
You can purchase it on  iTunes and Amazon the DAY it comes out, or you can pre-order NOW, so you won't forget!

And what could make it better?

How about a SPECIAL Collector's Edition for gift giving!

Yup- your Christmas gift listed just got a few gifts crossed off, didn't it?

You'll enjoy the CD as much as we have! So go check it out!

I participated in the We Love Disney album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.

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