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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Squirrel King Has Arrived!!!! Rejoice with YOUR Child's Creativity!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Squirrel King, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

christmas reindeer scary

With knowledge comes power. 

To help children stay ahead in today’s knowledge-driven world, we need to stimulate and engage their brains beyond the classroom, but sometimes we get so busy, we forget how the simple things in life can teach us the most!

Now you can make learning outside of the classroom fun and exciting for your kids, without them even realizing how much they are learning! And it might just remind you of the non-technology fun you had as a child too! 

squirrel king and acorn container

Squirrel King kits are a swirl of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art (creativity) and math, delivered with a hands-on approach, that inspires a thirst for knowledge as your child build something really cool to play with, that also stimulates their minds!

miss grace and squirrel king kit

The Squirrel King began life as a digital series, with it's on blog and You tube channel, and grew to include squirrel craft kits aimed at inspiring creativity. Hatched by Rufus with his co-conspirator Justus, the kits are mad-cap in content and feature a high quality home-made look. One of their chief goals is to encourage adults to engage with their kids and everyone to engage with the world

squirrel king craft kit contents

Crack open the award-winning Squirrel King Craft kit's 100% recycled molded-pulp acorn, and you will find ALL the materials needed to construct three colorful and cheeky squirrels. You even get craft glue! All you need is a pair of scissors! 

squirrel king craft kit  instruction cards

When you open the Squirrel cards, you see squirrel picture son one side, and instructions for making your adorable squirrels on the other. As you can see, the instructions are very simple- pieces are shown, needed tools are shown and steps are given in clear and easy to understand pictures.

squirrel king craft kit squirrel feet

The first step is to build your squirrels feet. it's amazing how a simple design, when folded, makes feet that REALLY stand up by themselves! Miss Grace was fascinated with them, as you can see.

Next up is folding the tail and stomach. You get three colors of chennile pipe cleaners, so every squirrel can be different.

squirrel king craft kit bending and gluing

A few bends, some glue and some wrapping of yarn and Miss Grace suddenly had an animal that resembled a 'rat with wings and furry feet'. Some more glue, ears and eyes later, and a star was born...

blue squirrel king craft kit  completted squirrel

AKA Blue....

(ok, so naming him wasn't quite so original...)

Miss Grace declared him ready for Halloween with his blue tail, tummy and muzzle. So off he went to Halloween land, to search for his costume and to decide if he wanted to stay in one of the Halloween houses for the month....


The kit encourages both creativity and the values of reusing (the instructions turn into a fast-paced,squirrel match game, see below pix) and recycling (plant the envelope holding the googly eyes, and paper pieces, to grow wildflowers)! Miss Grace instantly decided that future animals would need to be designed, to the squirrels had company!

squirrel king craft kit  matching game

The matching game is fun and you don't have to worry about instructions getting out of order, on the back of them, as the instruction cards are numbered, so you can always put them back together, to make new creatures!

squirrel king sticker building kits

Designed for ages 8 and up, the brand new Build with Stickers kits  combine two things kids love — stickers and building.  Each colorful kit includes novel stickering techniques — no glue involved — and all the materials for children to build, create and explore, making awesome toys in the process.  Bonus stickers are included to encourage adding personal touches of fun.  

squirrel king sticker building kit contents

With Build with Stickers kits, STEM (science, technology, education and math) principles are explored in an age-appropriate manner.   Build their race car and learn about axels with Project: Speed Racer (blue kit), or learn the physics of stability is explored in Project: Sun Lounge (red kit).  And while constructing  garden tools with our Project: Green Thumb, your child can see how leverage works in motion. All this fun comes with an educational bonus box that spotlights the engineering, physics and math concepts encountered while building with stickers (which also helps parents to explain what is going on! LOL)

squirrel king sticker building kit instructions

As you can see, the instructions are laid out really well, with VERY clear pictures. It is is need to see how stickers can hold the mini dowels together and support the weight of objects placed in the wheelbarrow. Unfortunately ours has an untimely accident involving the cat, the stairs and a heavy book, before Mom could take a picture of the finished product. SIGH....

But the kid had fun making it, and is already figuring out what she can use instead, to make another one, from her recycled items bin!

You can purchase the Build with Stickers and Squirrel King kits on the Squirrel King Craft website and at select retail stores, priced from $5.99 to $7.99. Check the website for a store near you!

squirrel king tut costume

For some inspiration- check out how the makers' daughter made a Halloween scenario for one of her Squirrel Kings! Tut above can give you another idea on how easy it is to make a quick costume for your squirrels!

These are super fun kits, that really get your kids thinking about how to reuse materials in a new way, while exploring basic STEM and STEAM principles. Learning while being creative is always great! We can't recommend these kits enough!

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