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Monday, November 9, 2015

Book Review" Christine’s Christmas Countdown by Dr. Christine Harrington

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this ebook, free of charge,from Clink St Publishing, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Speaking of getting in the holiday spirit and starting the craziness that is known as THE HOLIDAYS...

I have a book that is perfect for helping you to get ahead of the game and have a more relaxed holiday period!

Christine’s Christmas Countdown cover


After torrid weeks spent shopping, cooking, wrapping, prepping, tweaking, tidying and tweezing, come Christmas Day a woman who was once a vision of composure may not think twice about rugby-tackling her granny to the ground to get the last jar of cranberry sauce. Despite Christmas being the season of goodwill, many ladies have grown to loathe it. Author and Christmas cracker Christine Ida Harrington is not just Santa’s Little Helper, but every woman’s, and her fabulously entertaining survival guide will waltz readers through autumn to New Year with ease (and plenty of good mulled wine!). Christine’s Christmas Countdown is set to be the salvation of mummies yummy, slummy and everyone in between, letting ladies fall in love with Christmas once again. 

Having hosted more than thirty wildly successful festive seasons, Christine’s Christmas Countdown, will help anyone about to embark on planning either their first - or their fiftieth - family Christmas. Christine’s priceless checklist divvies up the tasks, month to month, leading readers through the annual pine-scented quagmire, highlighting ‘to-do’s’ and ‘deadlines’ for various, often forgotten, Yuletide tasks. From bantering with the butcher about the perfect turkey to tips on how to trim a few pounds off one’s waistline for the office Christmas party, Christine provides comprehensive and warm-hearted advise aimed at taking the hassle out of a happy Christmas. With helpful blank lists at the end of each chapter for readers to personalize their own plans, this handbag-friendly guide is the ultimate festive comfort blanket for busy mums. Christine’s Christmas Countdown really is all you’ll want for Christmas. Except—you’ll need it now.


This is a small book at under 60 pages, but it is packed with an amazing amount of information! Christine may be British, but many of the holiday traditions and events are the same as the ones in the US, so her timeline actually works very well. For example, she notes that they take their tree down on Twelfth Night, and that is generally when we in Louisiana do as well, as it is then the start of Mardi Gras season for us! I found many of her ideas and timelines very familiar, as they are the same that my mother used to use! LOL

The book has plenty of room to add notes, make your own lists and pretty much keep you organized during the holiday season. This would be a great book to note down family traditions and pass on to your children, as once you've got the routine down, you would know it, but it would be a great reminder for your children! The book would also make an excellent gift for newlyweds getting married in the new year, to start them on their new traditions!

The book starts in September, but you still have 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, so you can get a LOT of mileage still from the book, especially for Christmas hostessing and entertaining! I highly recommend this book as a holiday necessity to stay sane!

About the author: 

Dr. Christine Harrington is a retired Consultant Dermatologist who now lives in a farmhouse in South Wales where she spends her time gardening. Christine loves nothing more than spending time with her family and dogs, especially over Christmas.

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