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Monday, November 2, 2015

Creating Memories with the Brother CM350 ScanNCut 2 Home & Hobby Cutting Machine

I recently got an early Christmas present, 
and got to check out the amazing Brother ScanNCut2 Home and Hobby Cutting Machine

Developed with the advanced, cutting-edge technology, ScanNCut2 isa really unique addition to the electronic cutting machine section of your crafting room!  It is a stand-alone machine, meaning you d NOT need to buy expensive cartridges,that allows you to use the images stored on it, to scan images, or to use your computer to design a totally unique design! You can send your design to the ScanNCut2 by connecting wirelessly (this feature requires an ScanNCut Online activation card, sold separately), or directly from your PC, OR by saving a a jump drive and placing in the machine! 

Let me repeat that important part- the ScanNCut 2 does not require cartridges, dies, or monthly subscriptions. Unlike other cutting machines, the ScanNCut2 allows you to scan virtually anything - from your handmade drawings, cherished family photos, home decor designs and more - and then create custom-cut shapes or outlines to fit your unique project. The ScanNCut2 machine features a high-quality built-in 300DPI scanner, a super-large LCD touch screen display (30% larger than before), ability to read SVG data files, and over 600 built-in designs. AND the mat is Huge! Seriously! After using the Cricut it was great to be able to cut out a larger design all at ONE time, and not have to make multiple passes and removing material from the mat for another pass through.

Check out a video of the ScanNCut 2 in use, and then I'll share how it's worked for me:

One of the first projects I wanted to use the ScanNCut 2 for, was to try out some glitter applique vinyl I had found at a thrift store. 

So I scanned a copy of the fleur-de-lis from my daughter's Irish dance team's logo, and then added it to the computer program (CD comes with the machine) and then took a traditional shamrock and placed the fleur-de-lis in the middle, to get the look that I wanted. Then it was just a matter of checking out the include cutting blade depth and speed chart, and adjusting the blade (WAY easier to remove than the Cricut, just saying) and speed of cutting on the easy to use screen, pulling the design that I had saved on the jump drive and waa-la, I had my design on the screen. One button printing and the ScanNCut 2 went to work.

Look at how CLEAN those edges are! It's perfect! Now I can take those and iron on to a button down shirt for the kid, and she has an extra shirt to wear before competition, that is easy to get in and out of, but ties into her dance team! Woo hoo!

So then I went back to the computer and added some wording to the above shamrock design and came up with an idea for a Feis memory book for my daughter- every dance competition there is a program, results page and more for her to save. So I decided to use a regular binder, with vinyl sleeves, but I wanted something sturdy for the exterior, and figured vinyl was a better way to go. As you can see I was able to totally use the 12" mat to be able to make ONE pass and cut. It was SO easy to save onto the jump drive, insert the jump drive into the ScanNCut 2 and then pull up the design from saved designs, and then tell it to cut and start. Easy peasy. How well did it turn out?

Adorable isn't it? It came out so well we made a couple more to share- which was super easy, as I had saved the design INTO the ScanNCut 2 memory, so I would have it ready! It was SO easy to remove the vinyl from the mat with the included tool set spatula (you also get a stylus,additional cutting blade, 2 markers, and all the cables you need), and place onto the binder! getting the right cutting depth is a bit of a earning curve if your vinyl is not the same as what is on the included chart, but we figured it out pretty easily!

Using the included designs on the ScanNCut2 is pretty easy too! There are 631 clip art, 100 applique designs and 7 fonts.

You just pull up the saved clip art, and select the one you want.

Once you get the design you can change it's size, or leave as is. Then simply insert your mat and change blade and cutting speed for the material you are using and then cut.

Now this was the first pass and you can see I had a mat issue, where the fabric came up and didn't cut correctly, but the design is there and it was easy to snip out. As you can see I used basic cotton fabric, and now I have an applique that I can iron on to fusible web and then iron on to a shirt or bag- perfect for Christmas gift giving, or sew onto a quilt!

I can't wait to start using the ScanNCut 2 for more quilting, I'm already thinking about using it to make Hawaiiaan pineapple applique designs- so much easier to have the machine cut them out than by hand!

There is so MUCH more that this machine can do! You can scan a picture and have it direct cut out something on the page you scanned- really helpful if you have intricut cuts, You can scan multiple pictures, save the designs and then incorporate them into one blended design.Plus the Background Scan helps you to use ALL available space when cutting, so you have no wasted paper/vinyl/fabric.  If you can think of it, the ScanNCut2 can help you bring your idea to life! 

One note- the ScanNCut2 DOES require a bit of space, as it is larger than the Cricut, as it can handle the larger mats. Because it scans and pulls the mat THROUGH as it is cutting (so no bending of your mat or design), it need space forward and behind. I found placing it on the crating table was the easiest way to keep it from getting blocked in any way. It does have a carry handle on top, for ease in moving from shelf to table. The Screen can be tilted into 6 different positions, so no matter where you have it, you can see the screen easily! 

The blades run $10 and the mats about $16, but you'll find yourself not needing to replace them as much as you did with the other machines. The wireless activation card is about $50, and you really only need it if you have no way to connect to the ScanNCut2 from your tablet. If you have a home computer or laptop, you don't need it at all.

I am SO glad I was able to get the ScanNCut2 for review- it is an amazing machine and really allows me to cut what I NEED to cut, not alter a design on a cartridge, or have to pay for designs every time I need a new one. It really is totally amazing. Once you check it out, you'll want one too!.

Interested in checking out the special edition of the cutter available for holiday purchase? Just click 
below for a special edition, that comes with a special Rhinestone Trial Kit, that somes with enough for 3-5 designs!


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