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Thursday, November 5, 2015

History Corner: Music and Memories

Heard this song was Number 1 back in 1973, on the radio this am, 
and it brought back a lot of great memories, and how amazing this song is:

Pretty apropos to how time is fleeting and modern parents may be missing quality time, 
isn't it?

I think this song in a kernel shares what our kids are MISSING in today's modern music-
storytelling is GONE. It is all reality, there is no hearing stories that your mind fills in the details? Nope, those are gone. 

Songs like this one from Jim Croce remind me how lucky my generation was to be able to grow up with storytellers, like him, John Denver, Carly Simon, et al, who taught us to dream and see beyond what is right in front of us, and bring out tru emotion from their songs.

And now for AJ, Jim's son (from the video above)- all grown up and giving us some history behind hi's Dad's other hit, Operator, and a pretty great version- he has his Dad's voice!


Treasure them!

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