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Friday, November 13, 2015

Holiday Cooking CAN Be Healthy, Great Tasting and Fun! (giveaway)

christmas reindeer scary

As you know, we've been going through ye old cookbook collection, and I'll be offering some selections for giveaway, as we go through the year!

Today you get a 2 for 1 combo, perfect for all your holiday cooking and fun activities!

This adorable recipe booklet compilation from Gooseberry Patch and Sun-maid Raisins features over 30 recipes for Breakfast & Brunch. The recipes cover everything from basic breakfast, to fancy selections, to recipes for feeding a crew. There are also yummy snack cakes and bars, for warming up with a mug of cocoa, after a fun day of playing in the snow!

This is a great recipe that has been in our family for multiple generations! We've also used it in modern silicone form pans, like Christmas trees and snowflakes, for fun gift bars to frost and give!

The second booklet is more than just cooking:

This adorable book covers not only Christmas cooking, but also fun Christmas crafts! There are 20 crafts, including decor, ornaments and items to give away. Look how charming they are"

The over 20 recipes include items perfect for giving like Chipotle Sugared Pecans, and for plating, or serving at parties, like Christmas Tree Cupcakes and Chocolate-Cherry Balls. It has full color photos throughout as well. Check out one of the recipes for Dark Chocolate Almond and Apricot Bark!

christmas crafts and food bark recipe

I love that it lasts for TWO weeks- allows you time to make up ahead!

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Ready to win these 2 booklets?



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