The Secret Society of Seasonkeepers is a NEW Family Tradition for YOUR Family!

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This post is NOT for children!!!!

christmas reindeer scary

So you're getting ready for Thanksgiving and suddenly you here those dreaded words....

"Mom, I know about Santa..
I know it's you"

After the momentary heart stopping moment of pure dread, what do you do?

I know what I will do (which hopefully will be 2 years from now)- I'll take a deep breath and go to the closet and pull out the Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Kit and take Miss Grace's hand and swear her in!

society of secret seasonkeepers kit

For kids who already know...or are ready to learn THE TRUTH, the Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers kit gives them a new family tradition, for when they outgrow their shelf elf and Santa. The kit is a fun, intriguing way to teach your kids the joy of Christmas, and the magic of giving. The kit comes enclosed in a  super-secret, zippered, brief-case style bag imprinted with the Society logo to keep the Field Guide and other treasures safe.

society of secret seasonkeepers bag

  Showing through the clear plastic side, is a personalized letter from the Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers, welcoming new Agents into this exciting new stage of their lives. On lovely parchment paper, it will eillicit 'oohs' and 'aah' from kids with secret wishes to receive Welcome letters from Hogswart School. 

The 2" Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers heirloom-quality token comes in a velvet gift bag with a red ribbon and presentation card, and has the Society's seal, inscribed with the values of Empowerment, Agency, Respect, Curiosity and Integrity. It is made in the US by a company owned by a veteran (so it gives back too!)! Your child is sure to ooo and ahh over it!  Also included is a society book mark for kids to keep their place in their field guide. Kids adore bookmarks, don't they? The inventive Field Guide is full of fun, meaningful activities, for the adult mentor and kids to share and complete.

 The book was designed by a group of varied parents, with input from their kids, with all the things you would expect from a Secret Society! The guide explains all about the Society on parchment pages like those above, that leads history and depth to the discussions of it. The guide focuses on 5 values, (five tenets for the Societythat we also agree are pretty darn important for today's kids:

- And a sense of Empowerment that a child so craves as they start growing up.With this Society and guide, kids are able to own their faith in Santa, and take it to the next level, where THEY become the giver
- Encourage Curiosity - what could be more important as we try to find our way into this world?
- Encourage Respect. The single most important value that can open the doors to a better world, the guide helps kids to respect their parents for allowing them to believe in Santa and the like, and to understand why parents do so.

society of secret seasonkeepers field guide page 2

- Teach Integrity - the catch-all for guarding the secrets for younger kids, and living our lives as well as we can. By taking oaths and making promises, the guide helps kids to stick to their word.
- Be an Agent (Agency)- be the difference- getting out there and doing something to make a difference in the lives of others

I don't know about you but those 5 values are EXACTLY what I want my child to learn about the concept of having faith and giving to others. 

society of secret seasonkeepers field guide page 3

This kit really reduces the sting of The Mysterious, Maybe Awful Truth. (just how much help Santa, and the other magical, mythical beings, require from grown-ups.), by allowing kids to now take part of the tradition, and learn what it truly means.

The field guide includes conversation starters,  that help you to share your family beliefs and values with your child, and for them to share their own thoughts, making this guide a true family memento to be cherished and kept! 

The Kit can be given to your child any time of the year, as there are pages for the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, so you can induct your kids into the society, whenever any of those questions come up as well (as most kids are pretty quick to make the connection from 1 to all 3!). The kit is aimed at kids ages 5-13, but kids at the older range will get more from the book, as they will be able to read and handle the missions by themselves.   The kit really is the ONE thing you want around for when that dreaded moment arrives...

What if your child has already started asking and you know the dreaded question is coming BEFORE this kit can arrive? They have you covered- you can download a FREE printable oath to the Secret Seasonkeepers right NOW, and then present the kit to your child when it comes in! In fact, download it now, and put it where you can grab it quickly and be ready for when those dreaded words come, but in the meantime, order your kid and impress your child, with their new position in the world of Santa! 

So what are you waiting for?

This kit is just as important as new ornaments and lights for the tree! Keep your family traditions alive and give your kids a new sense of purpose by giving them the kit when they ask that dreaded question!

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