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Monday, November 16, 2015

Zazzle is YOUR holiday Destination for Amazing Holiday Cards AND Gifts! (discount code)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these cards, free of charge,from Zazzle, for blog posting purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

christmas reindeer scary

This year we decided to vary the cards we send out for the holidays- Miss Grace wanted to send special video cards to her nearest and dearest for Thanksgiving, as she is most grateful for them.

But she's also getting to an age where she wanted to send out her OWN cards for her friends and classmates. SIGH. And of course those had to be different than the 'family ' cards. Naturally. LOL

So when it came time to pick out the 'family' cards, I thought I would be able to grab something unique from the amazing line of holiday cards from Zazzle!

zazzle holiday cards 1

Aren't those cards gorgeous? As soon as I saw the red Joyeux Noel, I knew which card I wanted!

zazzle holiday cards 2

But then Miss Grace started helping me look and we found their holiday card winners. And suddenly we had a whole lot more to try to decide on! Aren't those cards just too cute for words! Course we're still in 80 degree heat during the day and 40 degrees at night, so no snow in our future, so we did have to kick one out of the maybe pile! 

zazzle holiday card set

And then we saw how you could get SETS. Yup- address labels, cards AND postage stamps, ALL to match! Mini Martha just about had a conimption fit moment!  'THEY MATCH!" Oh dear, add another choice to the pile!

It took us a couple of days, but we FINALLY found a card that we both liked, that quoted one of our favorite Christmas carols, the Holly Jolly Card. 

zazzle holiday cards Holly Jolly 1

Course it also is one of the sets....SIGH....Then began the debate on pictures....Miss Grace is about to turn 9, and even though Santa is still one of her favorite fella,s she didn't want a Santa picture on the card this year (I was lucky to be able to include her school picture in fact!). So even though she was making her own cards, she wanted this year's 'family card' to showcase her accomplishments, which pretty much focused on school and Irish dancing. LOL. You know Mom, she's just the chauffeur...le sigh. So with a little rearranging of the bottom photo, which you can totally do (as well as for font,color, and size on the Holly Jolly section), we finally came up with a card that we both could live with:
zazzle holiday cards Holly Jolly 2
The card choices were varied as well- flat card, folded card, different sizes, with/without envelopes, stamped addresses on envelopes, etc. Zazzle is a full offer card site! I really like how the card came out, it really showcases HOW much she has grown this past year and just how much Irish dancing means to her.

Now it did have the matching postage stamps, if you remember.
zazzle holiday cards Holly Jolly postage stamp
But Miss Grace decided that since she had nixed any of her drawings (always an annual inclusion on the card), we should reconsider the stamp. Of course, cause she's 8 going on 19....

zazzle holiday postage  stamps

But I did have to admit that Zazzle has some pretty AMAZING looking postage stamps! They gave her the inspiration to come up with a pretty neat looking design, if I do say so myself:

zazzle holiday personalized postage stamp

I loved how she wanted to add the "Believe in the Magic of Christmas" over her coloring of holiday ornaments (you'll note the Saints, LSU, McTeggart Irish colored ornaments on the left, and 2 creative ones on the right. She wanted to make sure everyone knew where the cards were coming from! LOL

We decided to actually forgot buying the matching stamp as well, as Miss Grace found one of my old holiday stamps that matched the postage stamp (karma!) and wanted to use it to draw above hand written addresses on the back of the card. 

Now if you're looking for Happy Hanukkah, Kawanza or New Years cards, they have you covered too! Check out this sample:

zazzle holiday cards 4

I love the round ornament card on the right, it has a hole and ribbon, so your recipient can hang on their Christmas tree (holiday tree? that can get confusing, but you know what I mean). So much better than getting lost on the mantle, or in a basket of cards, right?

And speaking of, they have some amazing holiday gift ideas as well! 

zazzle gift collage

Yup- EVEN food!  I know quite a few kids that would be fascinated by Smores Chocolate Bars with teddy graham crackers in them! Everything you need from hostess gifts, to one of a kind gifts for family and friends, Zazzle HAS what you need, PLUS those amazing Christmas Cards! 

And right now, til TOMORROW, you can get a HUGE discount at Zazzle:
20% Off All Orders and  Up to 50% Off Gifts!
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  1. Those cards are adorable! I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to order my Christmas cards. Have a great week!


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