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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How to Work Your Kids' Brain in Five Minutes a Day

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge,from Skypony Press, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

We talked about our kids moral character, and now I have a book that helps work their minds


365 Amazing, Fabulous, and Fun Word Puzzles

Our brains are an amazing organ! And just like our bodies, our brain functions best when it’s put to work. So get ready to give your brain a full workout each day with The Five-Minute Brain Workout for Kids! Inside, you’ll find 365 word puzzles and games to keep your mind active and in great shape! Have fun with your family and friends as you learn about acronyms, anagrams, definitions, parts of speech, rhyming words, syllables, word structure, and more with these fun puzzles. From Alphabet Teasers and Mini Word Sudoku puzzles, to Speed Words and Word Store games, even doing one puzzle a day will help you to learn new words, spell better, problem solve with ease, and have better concentration.

With ten levels of puzzles—ranging from easiest to most challenging—and an answer key at the end to check your work, this book is sure to help keep your brain active and will help increase your understanding of and love for all kinds of words! So impress your family and friends by how quickly you can solve word puzzles and with how many words you’ve learned, too!

This is a fabulous word puzzles book with over 400 various puzzles ranging from easy to difficult. Parents and teachers will like this as an educational way to keep kids occupied and learning important words and phrases. The graphics throughout make it kid-friendly and lessen the emphasis on learning, which should pull kids in.


This is a fun book aimed at kids age 7 and up. It goes beyond boring workbooks, by giving fun little 5 minute brain exercises, that are perfect for a couple a day, while on vacation from school during the school year, or for an extra lesson each day (as there are 365). There are 10 levels of difficulty, so you can use it for multiple kids, or have your child work through the book and really work out their brain, while they learn new words problem solving, logic and comprehension! As you can see by all the sample pictures, the exercises are varied and fun! It also is great to work on their reading and instruction comprehension, by letting them work on the exercises by themselves!

This would be a great gift for traveling to Grandmas's house, for when the kids say 'I'm bred, which you know is coming, or to have at home for those boredom moments, or to add to the new year resolutions for your kids We highly recommend it!

About the Author:

Kim Chamberlain has been writing and creating activities, games, and puzzles since childhood. The author of Five-Minute Brain Workout as well as communication skills and activity books, she has a master’s in linguistics. She worked with teenagers for many years and is a volunteer reader/writer for college students. She is an award-winning international professional speaker and was founding president of a professional speaker’s association chapter. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with her husband, Jon, their two children, and their pet lizard.

About the Illustrator:

Jon Chamberlain has been drawing for a long time, collaborating with his wife on seve
ral book projects and for his own enjoyment. He worked exclusively in inks and watercolor until recently, when he acquired a drawing tablet and consequently relearned how to create digitally. He is a professional IT geek, comic book aficionado, and collector of old science fiction novels. He resides in Wellington, New Zealand.

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