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Monday, December 14, 2015

Unique Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids

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christmas reindeer scary

Today I have a collection of wonderful kids gifts that any child would enjoy receiving for the holidays 

First we have the Lily and Momo Collection! the collection feature hair accessories, bags and jewelry, sent out on packaging made from recycled paper. Their products are hand-made to be Happy-with bright  vibrant colors! These modern takes on classic designs will delight any girl! 

As you can see Miss Grace's Harrods bear was more happy to wear their wonderful  Wild Flowers felt flower headband. It is made of bright colored flowers all out of felt, attached to a soft cotton headband, that won't pinch, or bind!. 

As you can see it looks good from any direction, as there are so many colors in it, and with the button centers! No matter what your daughter is wearing, it will be accented by this fun headband!

But they also have some fun barrette sets, especially for the birthday girl, with this Sweet Cakes set, as you can see above. This adorable mismatched set is perfect for any time of the year- it goes with winter pastel, Spring pastels, or really anytime. Your darling girl will enjoy wearing these beautiful barrettes,that will get her lots of compliments.  Their full collection of adorable barrettes includes animals, flowers, holiday items and even a princess or two! Plus they have some matching purses! How sweet is that? Perfect for gift giving! Check out their website for something that will bring a smile to your favorite girls' face!

And speaking of adorable it wouldn't be the holidays without a new holiday picture book for kids then in rapture the imagination this new take on Santa's reindeer comes complete with a recipe for reindeer dust!

And what is reindeer dust? Reindeer dust is a wonderful treat for Santa's reindeer, that also show's them where to land to deliver Santa's presents on Christmas Eve. Told in rhyme, the book is perfect for getting when kids get off for the holidays this weekend,and need something to do! There is still plenty of time to make up their own bag of reindeer dust, after they've enjoyed this fun story! The bright illustrations will delight young and old alike, and who knows, maybe the reindeer will leave your kids a treat on Christmas Eve, after they've gobbled up their Reindeer Dust!

And while shoes may not be on your holiday gift giving list, some people are starting to adhere to an old fashioned idea for kids gifts- 4 gifts:something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read, If you are one of them, or if that idea resounds with you, then the adorable  Chooze Shoes  can be JUST the thing for the 'something to wear'. These mismatch sets will bring a smile to any child! Chooze Shoes come in slippers, flats, maryjanes and even sandals, for girls AND boys!

As you can see these Jump Maryjanes in Glimmer are adorably mismatched, but perfect for holiday, or year round wear! Made of 100% vegan materials they actually seem to breathe, per Miss Grace, who declared her" feet less sweaty in them"! It's very possible, as they have a cotton lining, and even have anti-microbal removable padded insoles, for controlling the possibility of sweat turning into stink! If you would rather have both shoes in sparkle, they have that set too (also in pink and black glitter). 

For you see Chooze Shoes does more than just make cute and adorable shoes - buying these two different shoes really can change the world! For you see a purchase of these shoes change the world in two different ways. Chooze Shoes is a Good Returns company-they invest their annual profits in anti-poverty charities programs, that enable women to bring their families out of extreme poverty via training, business loans and support, which is more powerful then just a strict donation. The programs help teach life long lessons, and that confidence  is just like what comes from wearing two different shoes!

How can wearing two different shoes change your child's world? Well when you do, you see things from a different perspective - you are more confident, you are more open to new ideas,  and yes you are more creative! Yup, wearing Chooze Shoes can teach confidence and creativity in new and different ways! Not that's a bonus, every parent/grandparent will love!  And there's a bonus for you too! If you sign up for their mailing list, you can get 15% off your first order! They also carry leggings, lunch bags and backpacks. And your kids can use the recycled cardboard shoe box as a treasure chest, after they decorate the doodle themed top!

In this day of high tech gifts in modern technology that sometimes makes toys seem not really a toy but something complicated and easily destroyed, it is wonderful to be able to find toys that hark back to our childhoods, that allow our kids to be creative and imaginative. Imaginative play is so important these days, when technology and media tell kids everything from what to do, how to think and how to act! By giving them a doll such as Lilli Dress Up Doll (yes, our 2nd Lilli!) from HABA (a quality European toy company!), you give them the ability to enrich their world their way. And to learn AS they play! 

As you can see, Lilli teaches kids about buttons, using a drawstring, using a push lock (belt), zippers, velcro, snaps, and even tying a bow! As they play they practice these fine motor skills, the way YOU learned them, by doing them! And yes that's another way to empower your child. You have to admit too that Lilli is pretty darn cute! Because she's a larger size (20 inches) she's perfect for laying with your child, going to bed with, and riding next to them, in the car. She can bring a smile to anyone's face, but particularily to your preschooler! She's a gift that gives so much more, and one that won't be easily destroyed! 

So I hope these for gifts have giving you some ideas for thinking maybe outside the box a little bit in coming up with some unique and different ideas that may be not everyone has or everyone wants time to let your children be different and be unique and you can with these for gifts

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