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Monday, February 1, 2016

Give Your Child a Valentine's Gift That Keeps on Giving Every Month-Story Surprise!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Story Surprise, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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You can give your kid chocolate, a stuffed toy or cute socks for Valentine's Day, but how about a gift that keeps on giving year round, AND helps them do better in school?

I've got just the gift for you (and a FREE BOOK-keep reading!)

Story Surprise in an innovative and exciting one-of-a-kind monthly book surprise! 

They ship an age appropriate, brand new, hardcover, children’s book every month, addressed right to your child.  Each book comes with a bookmark and a special welcome card! Kids love getting packages, don't they? With this new service, the get doubly surprised, as you don't know what book will be coming!

Each book sent by Story Surprise is valued between $15-$20,  which makes this service a steal at rates of $5.70-$6.99 month (depending on which plan you pick). And EACH month includes FREE SHIPPING! There is NO additional charge for shipping. You ONLY pay the $5.70 to $6.99 month. Period. You HAVE to love that!    

You can purchase one month (for a special reward, or for a birthday), 6 months or 1 year.  Got a fast reader? No problem, you can add an additional book, to each month, for just $3.99 a month. That is still  $10 for 2 HARDCOVER BOOKS! And you can cancel at anytime, if you decide the plan isn't worth it for your child.

And you can send the subscription as a gift, with a special message sent to your favorite child in the package! Hmmm...I can see some elves out their rewarding good behavior....

story surprise how to graphic

It is SO simple to get started too!

You just select your child's age (0-2,3-5, 6-8, 9-12, or teen), pick which plan you want to give, and then fill in your child's details and your billing info and you're done. Easy peasy! Check it out in real time:  

Super easy! 
And what is the reaction when your child gets a package in the mail?
story surprise arrival graphic

She was THRILLED! Which might be hard to tell, as she wouldn't turn and SHOW me how thrilled she was! She was too intent on checking out her package and book! I had to take pictures over her shoulder!
And what types of books do you get? 
the melting sea cover
Miss Grace received book 2 (hardcover) in the Seekers: Return to the Wild series by Erin Hunter. Miss Grace had not read the first book in the series (The Quest Begins), but the book seems to be a stand alone, and she has gotten enough info to figure out the characters and their mission. The Seekers: Return to the Wild series explores the world of bears and their environment, creating a ecological adventure series for kids, following up the author's popular Warriors series (about cats).

the melting sea sample pageIn this tale, Kallik, the polar bear, has almost reached home. The bears who have become her family—Lusa (a black bear), Yakone (a polar bear too) and Toklo (a grizzly bear)—are devastated that they’ll have to split up, but polar bears belong on the ice, while the the others belong in the forest. At least Kallik will be reunited with her brother, Taqqiq. But when she and the others arrive at the Melting Sea, she is horrified to find the white bears almost starving due to an unnaturally early thaw. Worse, Taqqiq has rejoined a group of bullies who are terrorizing the other bears for food.

As you can see, the book is firmly aimed at ages 9-12. So far Miss Grace has gotten 4 chapters into the book and LOVES it! She is all about animals and nature, so the book was perfect for her introduction to Story Surprise! Plus, she can use reading it toward her homework points! I scanned through the book, and it very age appropriate, and I will probably have to get her the other 5 books in the series, as I think she will be totally enraptured into the bear's tale by the end, and want to see what happens next! And that type of affection, leads to her researching bears, telling other people about the books and bears, and wanting to work with animals! So everybody wins! LOVE that!


And getting a child to LOVE reading has SO many benefits- reading can help your child in every subject in school! It can also help them by improving concentration, increasing vocabulary, helping speech skills, offering better communication skills, improving memory, giving your child stronger analytical thinking, and teaching about how to handle new experiences, to name just a few ways! So when you give a book, you are giving your child SO SO SO much more! Which is why I'm always thrilled when Miss Grace would rather go into a bookstore than a toy store!

story surprise books sample

As you can see, younger kids get books that interest them as well. In fact, looking at the covers above, I'm really impressed with the selection of books that are picked for the monthly plans! While you don't get to choose which book your child gets, you can see that Story Surprise has curators who pick books your kids will like! You can check out their Facebook or Pinterest pages for more samples of previous books sent too! And Story Surprise is planning on giving you a chance to add optional books soon, that can bshipped along with your monthly Story Surprise book, like books on cooking, sports, health/wellness, biography and history, that your kids might find really interesting too! Wtach their Twitter feed for updates on that program!

About Story Surprise:

The inspiration for the company came when the founder, Eric and his wife, had to spend time in the hospital with their young daughter. The children and parents at the hospital were going through such a difficult time, and the only real distraction was the TV. Having been in the book business their whole life, the couple realized they were in the perfect position to help. They handed out brand new books to the other children during their stay. This provided a wonderful distraction, from the toil of a hospital stay, as the children easily fell right into the stories, when their parents read to them. While Eric's situation was minor compared to other children and families, he and his wife were touched by what they witnessed, and left with a mission to bring that surprise and love for a book to other children. This Story Surprise was born.

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And the best part, is that when you give books to your favorite child, you are giving books to kids in need too! Story Surprise will donate 5,000  brand new books to school districts, community organizations, and nonprofits, across the country. Their goal is to help bring back family story time, help children of all ages discover a love for reading and most importantly, help support children’s literacy.

Which means Story Surprise is THE monthly gift idea that you, and your kids, will LOVE (like we do!)!

So what are you waiting for?

Oh right, HOW to get that FREE book!

flashing Win


How about a 

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EVERY BTHM reader will get a FREE 3-month subscription to Story Surprise, with no strings attached, for their favorite child!

Simply go to www.storysurprise.com/offer, sign up your child 

and use coupon code: Bless3 at checkout for a 3 month subscription! 

That's it- easy peasy! 


And if you choose to continue your child's love of surprise stories every month,

 then you have that option, with the posted rate son the site!

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