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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When is BLACK the Best Way to Get WHITE Teeth?

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charcoal powder

Sometimes, in order to get clean, you have to get a little dirty. 
This is a concept that humanity has known for thousands of years with our long history of mud baths!

But it’s not just about mud anymore. The recent trend is using activated charcoal to get clean! You'll find it in skin and hair care products, says international brand expert Patrice N. Le Maire.

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And now, activated coal has even made its way into toothpaste!

Le Maire, the president of Eurochoc Swiss Imports, has most recently partnered with Europe’s Curaproxwhich offers cutting-edge dental wellness products, to produce a new dental product that takes getting dirty to get clean to a new level: Black Is White toothpaste

"A few decades ago, Americans weren’t the connoisseurs of coffee and wine they are today. The thought of paying more than a dollar or two for a coffee was unheard of. “Being from France, I didn’t used to have the same kind of access to quality coffee, wine and other food when I’d come to America in the 1980s,” Le Maire says. “That has changed, as we have seen. But these treats come with a price – stained teeth. As many of us know in Europe, however, brushing with activated coal helps to keep your teeth a natural white.”    
black is white toothpaste combo

Made in Switzerland, this new toothpaste is already extremely popular throughout Europe, as people have found out just how WELL it works, even if it looks a bit strange at first!

Black Is White is an activated charcoal whitening toothpaste, that removes discoloration using activated charcoal, without abrading or bleaching, while boosting oral health, as it cleans! 
Black is White Toothpaste is completely natural, with no SLS, no triclosan, no bleaching agents and no plastic particles, which can all be found in typical over the counter toothpastes! Which means it is SAFE for the entire family to use! Plus as a side benefit, it strengthens your oral health  as its enzymes protect your teeth against tooth decay and support the salivary functions, to help remove harmful bacteria! AND its 950 ppm hydroxylapatite (nano) can help re-mineralize tooth enamel and seal exposed dentine channels, reducing your tooth sensitivity! Now that is a toothpaste you have to love! 

Included in the package of the Black Is White toothpaste is the matching Curapox CS 5460 premiumultra soft toothbrush. As we've talked about before- a soft toothbrush is actually better for keeping your gums healthy and non-abraded. And with this new toothpaste, a soft toothbrush is ALL you need! 

After about a week or two of use, the activated charcoal helps your teeth look a natural white (the color of baby’s teeth) and not the super-bright, artificial white offered by bleaching products, which can actually damage your teeth enamel. I was really surprised at just HOW well this toothpaste works! I am a serious coffee and tea drinker as you know, so imagine how pleased I was when after only ONE use, my teeth not only FELT clean (like that 2 days after a dentist cleaning feeling), they looked like I had been using whitening gel for a week! Now seeing a mouthful of black 'suds' while brushing, and then seeing them in the sink, is a little off putting, but you can FEEL the clean, and know the activated charcoal is doing its job! After a week, my teeth look years YOUNGER, as the stains are coming off. Now that is a beauty secret we can all love! Plus I have to admit, my gums felt a LOT better using the softer brush, and it really seemed to get in BETWEEN my teeth better than the pricey ones that 'claim' that they do!

And because it is all natural, the entire family CAN use it! Miss Grace sampled it and wasn't very sure, as she hates it when I give her activated charcoal when she is bloated with gas pain (even though it works better than any over the counter medicine). But after only one brushing, I had to laugh when she turned to me and said "WOW, it got ALL the junk off my teeth!"  And then the next night when she used her regular natural toothpaste, she complained that she liked the clean mint taste that the Black is White toothpaste left in her mouth, and that her teeth didn't feel 'slick and clean' ! Followed by "can I keep using YOUR toothpaste?" I had to smile, as I felt the same way- regular toothpaste just no longer seems to CLEAN. I'm telling you, once you try this amazing toothpaste, you are going to be SO SO SO hooked on it! We are!!!

The Black is White toothpaste can be used as a regular toothpaste, without any limitations, like other whitening toothpastes can have. It may seem a bit pricey, but a) you use less and b) it will help save you in the long run from pricey dental visits! So maybe it IS time to get dirty, to get clean!

black if whit go black banner

Curapox also has a new Hydrosonic Toothbrush, that is part of the Black is White product line, for those of you who like sonic cleaning, versus regular toothbrushes! The set comes with the Black is White toothpaste too!

So head on over and check out this great new toothpaste and amazing tooth brushes, once you do, you'll see why Europe is RAVING about it, like we are! 

About Patrice N. Le Maire

Patrice N. Le Maire is the founder and president of Eurochoc Swiss Imports, which focuses on finding, selecting, importing and marketing the finest of Swiss premium care quality brands. He has decades of experience working with major global brands, including as marketing director of Procter & Gamble and as president of The Hershey Company’s international division. Le Maire’s latest project offers to the United States the elite, cutting-edge oral health products from Curaprox, a brand of Curaden AG, which is headquartered in Kriens, near Lucerne in Switzerland. Working with dental professionals in teaching, research and practice since 1972, Curaprox has been developing oral health tools that are as gentle and effective as possible.  

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