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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bauli Croissants are YOUR Spring Treat!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these product free of charge,from Bauli Croissants, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them

easter bunny girl

Are you getting ready for Spring travel?

Looking for better choices for the Easter basket?

While you might not recognize the name Bauli, you will probably recognize their Pandoros and Panettones, that are all around during the holidays. They have been in business since 1922! But who knew they had a perfect snack, that everybody in the family can agree is just yummy?

Meet your new sensation:

bauli croissants

These individually wrapped Bauli Croissants s are oven baked and ready-to-eat. They are VERY moist, filled with yummy ingredients and most importantly, taste homemade! These lovely Bauli Croissants are available in three filling flavors: Chocolate Cream, Cherry Jelly and Vanilla Custard


Like Bauli's holiday Pandoro and Panettone, the Bauli croissants are made using a "mother dough" , much like a traditional sour dough is. Water and flour are progressively added to this base, to create a croissant dough with its own natural yeast, instead of chemically added ones. This also allows the dough to rise naturally, like homemade dough. after 18 hours of natural leavening, the croissants are soft, moist and flavorful, with that delicious aroma, that croissant lovers know! 


Now you will note that the croissants don't quite look like the package picture when cut open. But then most food products usually fall a bit short. BUT even though the filling has condensed down, it is still beyond yummy AND you get some in EVERY bite, except for the tail ends. Da kid is addicted to the strawberry ones already! I love the chocolate- it's a step up from traditional milk chocolate, but isn't as deep as dark chocolate- but rather the perfect taste to compliment the soft croissant dough.

These croissants are perfect straight out of the package, or if you can to warm in microwave for about 10 seconds, to get them all hot and gooey! YUM. One of the great things about them is that they last for about 2 months, fresh in the package, even though they are made like homemade! Plus they have less calories and fat than you would think! For example, the Chocolate Croissant has 210 calories, 10 grams of fat. 12 grams of sugar and 4 grams of protein. Compare that to some 'nature' bar, or a candy bar, and you might be surprised at how they compare to each other! Which means this is a snack, or breakfast treat, you can give your kids, without worrying about how 'bad' they are for your kids! That is something we can all love!

These Croissants even come in Vanilla and Chocolate filled minis, with 6 mini croissants per bag,for quick snacking on the go!  Check out their recipe for using them to make a delicious Caramel Croissant Bread Pudding too! YUM!

In fact you might want to check out their Facebook page, or website, for more yummy recipes, using all of their great products!

Once you try these wonderful croissants, you'll be hooked like we are! They are perfect for taking with you when you travel this Spring break- Miss Grace has already declared we have to add them to her competition bag-LOL. You can find them at grocery retailers nationwide!

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