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Monday, March 14, 2016

Coral's New Glycerin-Free MINT Flavored Toothpaste Let's You Spring Clean Your Mouth EVERYDAY!

  Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Coral LLC, via On The Horizon Communications, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Well if you're going to be eating any type of berry Pi (pie) today, you might really be interested in this new toothpaste! LOL

Glycerin-free Coral White toothpaste is now available in NEW mint flavor! 

“Customer experience is paramount when it comes to all of our products, so we listened when many told us they would prefer a glycerin-free toothpaste formula,” said Jason DeWitt, managing partner. “This new formulation features all of the same cavity prevention, whitening and freshening capabilities our toothpastes are known for, just minus the glycerin.”

Just like its predecessor, the glycerin-free Coral White Mint toothpastes can uniquely help prevent cavities by raising the pH (alkalinity) of the mouth’s saliva. Additionally, due to coral calcium’s whole food mineral complex, they may also assist in re-mineralizing teeth’s enamel, by giving your body NATURAL calcium that it can actually absorb even your teeth can make use of the calcium, to help your teeth. that is something we learned when re worked to re-mineralize Miss Grace's teeth 2 years ago. She went from having to have 8 teeth pulled, to only needing 2 and to have 2 repaired. BIG difference for her, and for our budget! 

The glycerin-free formula has all of the same ingredients as before, except the glycerin, including hydrogen peroxide, that helps to gently whiten your teeth. It also now contains Xylitol at 15 percent. And you still have Coral's commitment to no fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate!

The addition of Spearmint and Peppermint oils really helps to make this your everyday toothpaste! Not only will it help your teeth, but it helps whiten them and leave your breath super fresh. My new routine is to mix up 3 different toothpastes, including this one, in the week, for the ultimate cleaning, whitening and overall oral health of my mouth. The result is teeth that haven't been this clean in years, and having all tooth sensitivity go away. friends ask what teeth whitener I'm using, and I have to explain, natural toothpaste is the key! Once you try adding this toothpaste in, you may find that you prefer to use it every day, instead of the popular commercial ones (especially when you realize what is IN those toothpastes- ewwww). With the new mint flavor, there is no reason to not replace your current toothpaste with it! we love it, and you will too!

Glycerin-free Coral White mint flavor in available in 2 different sizes-six-ounce (home) and one-ounce (travel) sizes. Glycerin-free Coral White will soon be available in tea tree flavor and Coral Kids which Miss Grace uses every day) in berry bubble gum flavor too! Check out the Coral LLC store finder to find a location near you!

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About Coral LLC:
Coral LLC, the leading brand of coral minerals, is the original, and largest,  coral calcium mineral company in the U.S., using only EcoSafe above-sea coral imported/supplied from Caribbean “above sea” coral. They use EcoSafe harvesting procedures to get =quality coral, whi NOT harming wildlife!

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