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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Framed Art is YOUR Way Decorate This Spring!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Framed Art, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Have your felt it?

Nope, not the gentle Spring rains or breezes.

Not the urge to daydream on a hill of green either.

But the urge to shake up your home or office.

To shake up the Winter doldrums, and make it bright and cheery?

Or to go a whole different route in one room?

Well I have JUST the company to help you:

framed art logo

FramedArt.com is your new online source for all your art needs! 

Framed Art believes that art can be a conversation starter, a showcase for your favorite things, a source of inspiration, a reminder, a promise... it can make a house a home, it transforms the space it is in- it is powerful! When you decide to add pictures or art to a room, you shouldn't just choose something to hang on the wall - you want something that you love, that makes a statement about YOU. Framed Art wants to help you find the art that speaks to YOU.
decor choices 1

They believe that the only way to find the art you love, is to go out and explore what's out there. But you shouldn't need an art history degree to start looking - Whether you have a particular style, subject, artist, color scheme or room in mind, they now have multiple ways for you to browse, filter and explore to find exactly what you need. 
decor choices 2
By partnering with some of the top art publishers in the world, and printing the artwork in-house, they are constantly expanding their selection available to YOU. With over 175,000 prints available, including new artists, styles, trends and artwork, you can find the piece that speaks to you! 
decor choices 3

Their new inspiration and style algorithms really helps you find new inspiration for a simple idea, feel, or trend you are looking for!  You can even upload your own photos and turn them into art! How cool is that? 

framed art choices

Framed Art gives you multiple choices when you do find the piece that you love: 
1. Canvas, Framed or Art Print
2. Color and type of frame or types of side wrap for canvas print, or regular or laminate print
3. Size- as little as 8"8" or poster size print
4. Mat and color of mat
5. Glass-plexiglass or type of glass

framed art packaged

And that consideration doesn't end with making sure everything is right! Look at how WELL my canvas print was wrapped! It got to my house damage free, in a HUGE box, with lots of protection! I really appreciated it, once I realized how well it had been protected!

I selected a great canvas print from Louise Carey: Embrace the Journey

embrace the journey print

As you can see I ordered the canvas wrap, so that the front canvas wraps around all 4 sides, for a more seamless look, with its black painted sides. 

embrace the journey print closeup 1

At 12.63" x 16" it is a decent size, but not HUGE, so you aren't trying to figure out where to put it. It's the perfect size for a small wall, or as part of a larger configuration, like where we placed it.

embrace the journey print closeup 2

I had originally planned on placing it in Miss Grace's room, but then decided it was such an inspiring saying, that we both needed to be reminded of it everyday, so we opted to place it on the hall photo wall, but at the end, where we would see it every time we go up and down the stairs. With its canvas square it was easy to place, using 2 nails-no weird wall hangers needed! And don't worry, if it's more complicated, they have online instructions to show you how to hang your art!

Louise has a great many saying and word prints at Framed Art, and if you are looking for inspiration, be sure to check out her prints too!

50 off logo

As you can see, Framed Art has plenty of design ideas, to shake up your house, or office, and let you leap into Spring with a new outlook, based on decor from your new Framed Art print)s), and they offer a 30 day guarantee that you will love your art! Plus you'll know exactly how long it should take for your art to arrive, thanks to their wonderful shipping zones map (under their FAQ section)! 

grandkids print

They don't have a gift certificate right now, but it would be easy to have your Mom, for example, check out their website, and tell you what she likes, and then you can sneakily place the order in time for Mother's Day! Or find just the right print to relay your,or the grandkids' feelings about Mom, to her (like in the print above)! AND right now they are having a 50% off of EVERYTHING sale! But hurry, it will end SOON!

So rethink Spring decor and redecorating, and add Framed Art to YOUR idea plan, and plan your room about a piece of art from them!

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  1. Very cool! Some nice stuff here! I love hanging beautiful pictures in our home!


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