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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Master Lock Can help YOU Travel Safer This Spring Break! (Giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this giveaway, free of charge,from Masterlock, for review and giveaway purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Well it's St Patrick's Day and you KNOW what that means....

Yup only ONE WEEK until the kids are out for Spring Break/Easter Vacation!

Are you traveling this year? If you are, then you might find these five security tips from Master Lock something to consider before your trip!

combination lock

1. ,Pack Smart and Secure – Avoid over-packing by checking the weather forecast for your destination in advance and packing accordingly. Also, keep your luggage protected with products such as TSA-accepted luggage locks like the Master Lock 4688D or the4680DBLK. These affordable and reliable solutions keep your valuables protected whether you’re checking bags at the airport while en route to your destination, or upon arrival and storing valuables in your luggage in your hotel room.

vehicle repair

2. Prepare for the Unexpected – If you are traveling by car, have your vehicle examined beforehand and stock up on emergency supplies such as blankets, bottled water, snacks, flashlights and jumper cables. Ensure your tires have good tread, are properly inflated and make sure you can locate your spare. Be aware of road conditions before leaving the house and plan accordingly.

3. Tap into Technology– With new apps geared toward travelers, getting to your destination and enjoying your surroundings upon arrival is easier than ever. There are apps that offer real-time travel advice personalized to your exact location, weather conditions and interests along with direction-related apps that offer tips on traffic, road conditions and construction. You can also securely store copies of travel documents, health records and passports through the Master Lock Vault app for convenient 24/7 access.

masterlock portable safe

4. Enjoy the Elements Worry-Free – For less than $30, portable safes like the SentrySafe Small Portable Combination Safe or the Master Lock SafeSpace Portable Personal Safe, offer peace of mind and keep your cell phone, money, keys, jewelry, credit cards and other small valuables locked and secure while you take a walk on the beach, dip into the pool or enjoy an adventure of any kind. The compact and versatile safes feature a durable cable, which can be wrapped securely around a fixed object or serve as a carrying handle. We LOVE ours, and you will love how convenient and easy to use the Personal Safe is too!

sitting in surf

5. Limit Social Media – While it’s appealing to share details of your vacation via social networks, this could make you a target for cyber-savvy burglars. Publically posting the dates of your trip or sharing check-ins and photos tagging your location creates a security risk to your home. Instead of posting in real-time, capture moments and photos and share via one photo album or video once you return from your trip.

So there you have it- 5 great tips, that can save you a lot of headache when you're away from home!

Now how about getting to win a product that will have for your SUMMER vacation plans?

flashing Win


Since Spring break is only a week away, is you win, you'll have this SentrySafe Small Portable Combination Safe  for all your Summer plans!

master lock prtable combo safe
This SentrySafe Small Portable Combination Safe will not only keep your cell phone, money, keys, jewelry, credit cards and more, secure in it's soft interior, while traveling, at work, on campus or at the gym, it is super easy to use!

With it's easy to remember 3 digit combination (which you can change and reset), it is quick to open and has you can see, can hold the items you would have with you on vacation, With it's handy, durable cable, it can be wrapped securely around a fixed object while at your hotel room or on the beach. Plus the cable can serve as carrying handle, making it convenient to carry with you on the go.It's also great for coeds to take off to college with them! Which means it is a personal safe that you will use over and over!

Enter below!


Good Luck!

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