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Friday, March 18, 2016

When the Irish Parade Gives You Lemons...

You Make Lemonade!

Yup- we literally had a BOWL full of lemons! So I told the kid it was either lemon cookies or lemonade, and she voted to make homemade lemonade, as she hadn't used the hand juicer in a while!

Not her normal technique- she got dainty when she realized I has pulled out the camera! LOL

Now THAT is a LOT of lemon juice! I saved the rinds and zested them and put it in the freezer, for later use in muffins and topping banana bread, among other recipes! We got a decent amount, as you can see below:

lemonade and zest

The lemonade was declared a bit tart, as apparently some of the lemons were on the sour side, so we ended up having to add more sugar. And then Miss Grace declared it 'amazing'!

We all had a laugh when she decided we needed to tint it green for St Patrick's Day-apparently all those years of tinting milk for her paid off. LOL

Here's our basic recipe from Mimi:

1. In gallon pitcher, add 2 cups (less or more depending on your tastes) of sugar and 1 cup hot water. 
2. Once the sugar dissolves, add your fresh squeezed lemon juice and cold water to fill up the pitcher.
3.Stir and you're done! Easy peasy!

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