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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Your New Seasonal MUST Have- the Gussy!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from The Gussy, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Spring is here and with it, soon the April shower season.

Are you ready?

Spring trench coat, spring boots and a new umbrella. Yup!

But you left something out... no matter what you do, you know when the downpours come, your umbrella is never enough to protect you AND your purse or briefcase, right?

Thanks to a new product, now you can have purse/briefcase/tote/diaper bag protection as well!

Meet the Gussy !

charlotte gussy bag
The Charlotte Gussy echoes the classic trench coat

This latest purse-fect fashion accessory is YOUR new seasonal must-have! 

The Gussy is a protective, waterproof patterned "umbrella" designed to be worn as a protective cover over a favorite handbag.

According to Jamie Hantman who designed this clever 'how did we ever live without it' accessory, "Nothing can ruin a fashion look (or designer handbag) faster than getting caught in an unexpected downpour. Women pay a lot for their purses and want (need) to protect their investments."  Designer Hantman, a former Washingtonian and White House power player, designed the Gussy to complement the wardrobes of well-heeled, fashion-savvy women, whose multi-faceted lifestyles have them on-the-go, and braving the elements day and night. But even if you aren't running a Fortune 500 company, you will LOVE having The Gussy in your bag, and ready at a moment's notice!

jenny gussy bag

We were sent the Jenny version of the Gussy for review, in lovely navy and white chevron style pattern (it's super dark, why it looks black  not navy in the pix below, but it also comes in 3 other Spring colors). I was thrilled, as I recently decided to upgrade and go back to a lovely leather satchel style purse (now that the kid is old enough that I don't have to carry half a bag of 'emergency supplies' with me, LOL). I had forgotten how expensive real leather bags could be! But it was SO worth it to have a quality purse again, and of course, my second day with it, I got caught in the rain with no umbrella. UGH. So I was quite happy to see The Gussy arrive!

placing gussy on purse 1

The Gussy is SO easy to use! As you can see, it easily slides over any purse, as long as you have handles! 

placing gussy on purse 2

The Gussy is sized a generous 36" X 16" and has three Velcro tabs that adjust to different purse sizes, styles and handles, allowing you to custom how it attaches over your purse. As you can see, I had one tab in between the handles, and two on each side.

placing gussy on purse 3

 When the Jenny is in place, this is what it looks like"

jenny on purse 1

As you can see, VERY stylish from the front (tab side) view.

jenny on purse 2

And equally stylish form the back. There is plenty of coverage space and in fact, on my first use with the Gussy I got caught without an umbrella again (seriously, 3 months ago I had 6 umbrellas, now I can mever find ANY when I need them, yet they mysteriously show up in Miss Grace's room...sigh), and I have to admit I sorta cheeted and put my purse on top of my head when I ran to the car. LOL, there was enough coverage that it kept my hair from being drenched, though the arm holding it, took a bit of a soaking! 

jenny folded back up

When not in use, The Gussy easily folds up and can be easily stored inside your handbag, so you'll always be prepared for those sudden showers! The size above is how it comes in it's bag. You could actually fold it in half one more time, for more condensing.

The Gussy takes "rain gear" to another level - not only providing a protective cover that is functional, but one that is fashionable, pretty and in patterns and colors as trendy as the handbag it's covering. Their best-selling cover is the Caroline (pictured above), and it could easily be the basic LBD for your purse!

 the meredith gussy

The Meredith (above) comes in multiple colors, and features fun polka dots, perfect for livening up those dreary rainy days! There is even a style for edgier fashionistas, the Chelsea featuring a skull, crossbones and king crown, which is out of stock, but expected back soon! Hantman says "We will continue to introduce new colors and designs each season, to coordinate with runway trends, and allow women to make bold statements with their handbags-even when they are undercover."

This is a fabulous, thoughtful gift idea, especially for the woman who has everything (ahem, like MOM!), and also perfect for the college graduate, who will be entering the business world! So head on over and chem them out, and find one for Mom and for you! You'll love yours as much as I do, and won't get caught with a wet purse again!

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