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Monday, April 25, 2016

And Speaking of Cleaning Up... Clean Up Your Mouth With Mother's Vault All Natural Charcoal Toothpaste!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Mother's Vault, via Tomoson, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

In our previous review, a house needed cleaning up, but with this new product you can clean YOUR mouth, and help your family by providing a NATURAL way to clean your teeth!

A few weeks ago I shared about a great European activated charcoal toothpaste that has really helped us keep our teeth clean, but I felt like you, because it is double what we normally pay for natural toothpaste, we were hesitant to use it everyday. as it would go too quickly.

So when I found out about another natural activated charcoal toothpaste that also contained coconut oil and peppermint, that was half the cost, and therefore the SAME as what we pay now for natural toothpaste, I new we needed to give it a try.

Mother's Vault All Natural Charcoal Toothpaste! set

Before I even opened the package I knew this was a different toothpaste! As inside the Amazon box was a BURLAP bag! Mother's Vault found a way to reduce their carbon footprint, by getting rid of paper boxes and ink, in favor of natural burlap bags! Inside the bag you get a 4 ounce tube of toothpaste and a bamboo toothbrush! Now getting that was like getting a FREEBIE for me!

But what is really important is the toothpaste! This toothpaste combines two of nature's most efficient anti-bacterials, activated charcoal and coconut oil, for an amazing clean! As I've shared before, activated charcoal has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, due to its natural ability to bind to harmful substances and prevent their absorption by your body. This is why it still used today so effectively in emergency rooms around the country, and in natural homeopathic medicine.(it can get rid of a bad case of case lickety-split!). That same quality makes it an effective stain, tartar and plaque remover for your teeth, as I've told you before. But add in coconut oil, and you also have a toothpaste that takes care of your gums and teeth too! 

Mother's Vault All Natural Charcoal Toothpaste! label

But what is in the toothpaste is as important as what isn't. Ever really looked at the ingredient list of popular toothpaste, and have to pull out your internet browser to decipher the ingredients? Sad to say, but that is going to be 90-95% of the toothpastes on your store shelves! And then once you find out what the ingredients ARE, you have to wonder why the Dental Association recommends them for use on anyone! Which is one of the reasons why we switched to a homeopathic based dentist. After Miss Grace's severe dental problems, we learned how the ingredients can actually harm your mouth, and keep your body from helping to health dental issues. SIGH. Never ending battle, isn't it?

But with so little natural ingredient toothpastes on the shelves, you may still be confused as to what a GREAT one should have! You're not alone. So Mother's Vault sought out professionals and determined what simple ingredients work the best and combined them to make this amazing toothpaste. Their natural ingredients come from eco-friendly pure sources, and are ones you can not only pronounce, but are familiar with, like : Activated Carbon (Charcoal), Baking Soda, Water, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Xanthan Gum, Diatomaceous Earth (natural abrasive powdery rock), Xylitol (Non-GMO sweetener). And that's it- scroll back up and check the label, and you'll see! Plus since, the toothpaste is made right here in the U.S.A, Mother's Vault can guarantee the quality of their ingredients, in every batch made. And that's something you really WANT for your family!

Mother's Vault All Natural toothbrush

Mother's Vault Toothpaste also comes with its own Bamboo Toothbrush! It's their way of providing you with an ecological way to not only keep your mouth fresh, using their toothpaste, but to help the environment at the same time!  Made of bamboo and BPA free nylon, you get a great quality toothbrush that works with their toothpaste to give a thorough clean like that of standard toothbrushes does, but without using chemical and toxin leeching plastics! YUCK! That made you stop and think for a second didn't it? We always think of BPA in bottles and plastic ware, but our toothbrushes? Eek, there's one we all forget about! 

This brush features soft bristles, which our dentist actually RECOMMENDS for adults AND kids! It is far gentler on your gums, and helps to reduce irritation, that can lead to other oral care issues! Plus it lasts just as long as normal standard toothbrush you are used to. Which means it will easily last the recommended 1 month before needing any replacement. Though I have to say that mine is in such good shape, it probably WILL last as long as you need it to! And to make everyone happy, you can buy the toothbrushes in a pack of 4, without the toothpaste,so everyone has their own! Plus since they are natural, you can write their names on them, or paint the ends, so everyone knows whose is whose!  And because they are 100% RECYCLABLE it's a brush that gives back too! Why spend more money on a brush that is killing the environment, and harming you, when this great brush works just as well?  Seriously- I've tried just about every toothbrush out there, but this brush with the Mother's Vault All Natural Peppermint Charcoal Toothpaste, works a 100 times better than any of the fancy ones out there! 

For those that are wondering, activated charcoal does not have a taste like you think it does, so when you use this toothpaste you are tasting the peppermint and Xylitol. That's it. I know it took Miss Grace a week or so to get used to natural toothpastes, as you don't get the sudsing action like you do from standard toothpastes (which is from sodium laurel sulfate, aka the same stuff in your shampoo and body washes- I know, ewwww), but with this charcoal toothpaste, you'll SEE the yuck come out when you rinse and it just might surprise you HOW much comes out the first 2-3 times you use it. It's like the difference between a regular vacuum and a professional steam cleaner one! And you know it's clean, as you get that 'after the dentist' feel!  And because kids as young as 2 can use it, it's perfect for the whole family to share, which means less money in the long run for you to spend on fancy toothpastes aimed just at kids (draw their cartoon fav on the toothbrush if you need to!). Miss Grace LOVES this toothpaste and is ready to swap the one she's using now for it.

I love getting the free toothbrush with this great toothpaste. Because it is so great, it feels like the best natural product deal around (especially when you consider you can get FREE shipping with Prime!). WOOT! This is now our go-to brand (they have other natural products too!).

Giving Back

ANother reason to feel great about your purchase of this super toothpaste, is that a portion of every sale at Mother's Vault is donated to the Earth Justice charity (the nation's original and largest nonprofit environmental law organization). Created to protect people's health, preserve magnificent places and wildlife, advance clean energy, and to combat climate change.


If you decide that this toothpaste is just not for you, even after you gave it a few days, there's no worries!  There is a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!! If for any reason the toothpaste, or toothbrush, doesn't meet your standards, just send it back and they''ll refund your money, easy peasy! Now how about that for a clincher?

I don;t think you'll need it though! Once you try it and feel, and see, the clean and whitening effect on your teeth, you'll be hooked! Forgo the chemicals and come to the Natural side with Mother's Vault!

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  1. I would love to try this natural toothpaste. I never heard of natural activated charcoal toothpaste but I am sure this is terrific for our mouth and teeth. The peppermint and Xylitol are wonderful additions also to this toothpaste and I like the idea of a free brush.
    twinkle at optonline dot net


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