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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ava & Frank Face Paint Palette is the SAFE Way to Paint Faces this Spring!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Ava & Frank, via Tomoson, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

If you're like me, you've used craft paint for face painting, with no real issues.

BUT, is it really safe?

That's the ticker, right?

For some kids they will have immediate reactions to it, or they will occur AFTER it is washed off. Trust me, you do NOT want to the the parent caught unawares and cause reactions at a weekend birthday party! Plus some kids could literally have life-threatening reactions.

So so you give up face painting, as professional body makeup is too expensive? 

Meet you're new best friend:

Ava & Frank Face Paint Palette

Ava and Frank Face Paint Artist's Palette came from the demand for parents, like the company founders, wanting safe, high quality alternatives to those cheaper paints. It took a bit, but they developed a face paint that is not only non-toxic, but also nut-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, lead-free, lanolin-free, hypo-Allergenic, vegan, cruelty-free, and FDA compliant! Whew! That's a LOT of research!  And for your peace of mind, it has been tested by US PHD cosmeticians as well. 

The set's FDA compliance, coupled with the "child toy safety rating," means it is safer than everyday traditional makeups. And parents can feel really safe about this paint, as in order to get the toy safety rating, the product has to be safe if it is ingested, put n eyes, ears or nose too. Now we hope no one will eat it, but if you are making say a full face tattoo, some might get in their mouth if they suddenly lick over their lips. So knowing it's perfectly ok for them to do that is a huge relief! 

Ok you're thinking, but it's probably a one time use, and still expensive, right?


The paints in their palette not only last, but the palette itself is RE-USEABLE, as it comes in a re-sealable palette with 16 vibrant colors! And because it's a concentrated formula, you only use what you need, allowing for the rest to be saved for future uses! Yup, it saves you money too! Plus it comes with 2 sponges and 3 paint brushes (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small). Plus you get gold and silver paint.for that extra sparkle and for making crowns and jewels! AND when you purchase the kit, you get a FREE 25 page electronic Face Paint Guide with all the top tips for face painting and paint safety information. So even if this is your first time face painting, you have what you need to get started!

Now while there are some pictures in the 25 page guide, there are no actual INSTRUCTIONS for them. So if you need that, I would suggest checking the web for some tutorials first (you can see some great ones I've collected over on my Costume 101 page). One of the best tips from the book-   Have a book of the faces you CAN paint (meaning you tried and the picture is one you painted) and that you can paint in a timely manner. Put them in a protective pages in a folder, and that was the kids can ask for ones that you KNOW how to do and you don't struggle painting something you can't. We we did face painting for festivals, I painted the samples all on 2 poster boards, and had them outside the tent, so kids could see what they wanted, while in line. I then had pictures in a folder for my easy reference too,

The kit should do 160 normal size face paints! Now that really helps YOUR budget out- you could get 3 or 4 birthday parties and Halloween out of it!

ava and frank face paint palette kit samples

The Ava & Frank paint is soft on delicate skin, like that of younger kids, for less squirming and movement, while attempting to paint! But the best part is how quickly it dries! I can personally attest to all of that, as you can see above! Miss Grace wanted to try her hand at face painting. I think she did a pretty good job, even the one she did on her own face! The depth of color you get, depends on the amount of water you add. generally its seven parts water to one part face paint, but we got better coverage doing 5. Just depends on what you are doing. We also found that the brushes worked really well for her, and as long as she wasn't trying to get super fine lines. If you are used to face painting, then you might want to use your regular brushes, that are probably thinner, with finer tips. We also found that the paint is really stain-free and does smears less than traditional paints. Even better, right? 

ava and frank face paint palette kit collage 2

A word of caution when using the paint set though: there are are thin plastic covers on each color, so make sure you get them off first, or you paint won't work! You will need a nail or some sort of thin blade to lift them off the paint. Because my nails are all cut back, what I found worked best was to pull the paints out of the palette, and then pull the cover off, and then put them back in. I used the lid of the palette as my keeper for the covers, that way they were safe and easy to recover. They go back on when you're finished and help keep the paint in good shape for the next use! They are very thin however, so you may end up having to use cling wrap replacements.  

ava and frank face paint being washed off

But the BEST part? It's EASY ON/OFF with water only! WOO HOO! As you can see in the top 2 photos above, all I had to do was put my hand under running water and you can see how much of the paint came off. So on the third photo, I wipes with my hand, and as you can see half of it came off. One ore wipe and it was all gone. Seriously paint to gone in less than one minute! I hear you moms that have had to scrub off My Little Pony's and Tiger faces, leaving red marks, saying "Hallelujah"!

ava and frank face paint palette kit collage 3

An additional couple of notes on storage. The smart thing is to KEEP the box the palette comes in, to keep your palette save until you are ready to use it. Once you have the films back on the individual paint, you can put the plastic lid back on. You will need to press the 6 'dimples' on the top to get it to stay down. I do wish it was hinged, but to keep the costs down, I can understand why it isn't. When you brushes and sponges are DRY completely (just rinse with water!), then I recommend putting them in a small baggie. then you can put it all back in the original box. What I did was leave half the tape on the box, keeping it sealed when I opened it. Then I put some peel n stick velcro on the top flap and bottom layer. That way I have an easy open box, but one that will keep everything inside of it!


 If you're not 100% happy, Ava & Frank will replace, or refund your kit!

Don't you love hearing that?

But when you see a 93% 5 star rating on Amazon, with the remaining 4 star reviews with VERY minor complains, you know you have a quality product that WORKS. So if you are looking for new face paint, face paint for a birthday party/festival/fundraiser/Summer fun activity, be sure to check out this one, you'll be happy you did! We love it and you will too!

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