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Monday, April 18, 2016

Can You Believe It's Tax Day? Are You Swim Suit Ready??? (review)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge,from Simon & Schuster, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Swim suit season is literally right around the corner, are you ready?

Are you going to do the same diet and exercise plan you do every year?

If you are, how many of these exercise myths do you believe?

Common myth: Hunger is a badge of honor in weight loss—thin people have the discipline to live with being a little hungry all the time. 
The reset: Deprivation is the surest route to overeating.  Regular eating stabilizes blood sugar and your body releases insulin to utilize food as fuel, rather than storing it as fat.

Common myth: All calories are created equal.
The reset: Cribbing from a two lists that outline fat burning foods and fat storing foods, readers can begin to isolate what will work for them.

Common myth: You shouldn’t work out on an empty stomach
The reset: eating before and during a workout can sometimes complicate the process of fat burning.

Common myth: “Fruit is natural, so it must be good for you”:
The reset: Eating too much fruit, especially the wrong fruits, makes you hungrier because their sugar levels trigger your fat-storing machine. The book divides fruits into categories of: Avoid, Eat Occasionally, and Enjoy.

Common myth: Choose low-fat and no fat foods over full fat:
The reset:  Not always. To use yogurt as an exampleThat measly portion of fruit flavored non-fat yogurt or popular engineered products like Activia contain high doses of sugar that store fat in your body. Eaten in reasonable portions, full-fat Greek yogurt and 2% plain Greek yogurt actually burn fat

Common myth: Energy drinks and energy bars can aide a successful workout:
The reset: pro football players might as well the sports drink dump on the coach’s head after the big win: sports drinks and energy bars aren’t necessary for the pros, let alone normal people who work out on the average of 30-60 minutes at the gym. Skip them

Common myth: A good workout is a sweat storm:
The reset: Longer duration and LESS intense exercise utilizes a greater percentage of fat for fuel within a certain intensity range. It also influences insulin reaction and helps build the networks of capillaries that will later assist in making your body a FAT-BURNING MACHINE.

So if you want to change your exercise plan this year, you might want to check out this new book:



Are you ready to change your body for life? Do you want to step on a scale and feel happy? Do you want to look in the mirror and feel proud? Do you want looser-fitting clothes? Do you want more energy? Do you want to sleep solidly through the night?

No games. No gimmicks. No shakes. No starvation. Just a straightforward and simple, doctor-approved approach to eating and exercise that throws out decades of bad science and will transform you from being a fat-storing person into a permanent FAT-BURNING MACHINE.

This is our promise: Follow this plan and you will experience dramatic, life-altering results.

But if you still need further convincing, just ask yourself:
• Have you been gaining a pound or so a year, for the past few years?
• Do you crave sugar and snacks, and worry that you can’t control your cravings?
• Do you feel that the more you exercise, the hungrier you are and the more you eat?
• Does exercise make you feel tired and weak?
• Are you working out more than ever and still gaining weight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to find out if the habits you’ve developed are causing your body to store fat or to burn it. So much of what you’ve been taught about fitness and weight loss is patently false—that you have to eliminate all fat from your diet or that you should load up on carbohydrates before a workout. These practices may actually be sabotaging your success. Fat-Burning Machine exposes the myths that have prevented you from achieving your weight and fitness goals, and will revolutionize the way you think about your body, your health, and your outlook on life.


When Mike realized his weight was out of control and nothing was working (he had bought into all the myths posted above), he contacted Dr. Laura Lefkowitz, who introduced him to the concept of metabolic syndrome, an underlying disorder of energy utilization and storage. He then made use of different experts in nutrition, science and exercise and using the insights he gained form them, he found a method that WORKED. Mike quickly lost sixty pounds and had a plan that worked for other people too.

The usual culprits are truly the problem, which if you have read this blog before, you know that sugar, refined wheats and lack of sleep really do a number on our bodies. But what you may not realize is that all those reformulated carbs are messing with your metabolism too. And once your insulin burning machine is altered, you are literally fighting a brick wall. It doesn't matter what you eat or how much you work out. With this book you can learn what you have been doing wrong and turn it around, and suddenly you will see the weight coming off. The book is divided into sections, starting with explaining what you've been doing wrong and how to change it, then a good exercise and diet plan, including illustrated exercises. Then lastly you have recipes with super foods that help keep your metabolism burning. You won't go hungry on this plan and it is easy to jump right in. If you want to get swimsuit ready in no time, in a healthy way, be sure to check out this new book!

About the Authors:

Mike Berland is the CEO of Edelman Berland, the strategic research and analytics arm of Edelman. His clients have included multinational companies, professional sports leagues, entertainment figures, higher education and cultural institutions, and political leaders. After becoming a fat-burning machine, he experienced a dramatic reduction in weight (and has kept it off), and successfully completed his first New York City Marathon and the 2015 Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI.

Gale Bernhardt is a two-time Olympic coach and leading athletic trainer.  She is the author of six books. In 2014, Gale was honored by being selected as one of Men's Fitness magazine’s top six online trainers for providing dedicated workouts and advice for athletes. Gale is certified as a Level I Coach by USA Cycling and a Level III Coach by USA Triathlon. She served on the USA Triathlon National Coaching Committee from 2000 to 2006.

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  1. I really should read this book. I know that I need help with getting more sleep and cutting out sugar. Two hard things for me to do. But this does sound interesting.
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