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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Challenge Your Brain with Mind-Boggling Word Searches by Kim Chamberlain

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Did you know today was National Scrabble Day?

Nope, I didn't either til early this am, when I caught it in my Facebook feed!

So in honor of the game that helped us all learn to spell better, how about a book about letter puzzles?

Mind-Boggling Word Searches cover


Word searches for those who want a challenge!

There are dozens of varieties of word searches, some well-known, along with many new and unique ones.

Variety not only keeps us interested but also broadens our thinking and extends our learning. Word searches are useful for building and developing language skills for people of all ages and abilities.
Starting off with traditional word searches we move onto straightforward ones with a twist, then ones that are L-shaped, X-shaped, Z-shaped and jigsaw-shaped; words in a continuous string, words in anagram form, double grids, grids with missing letters, clues in symbols, clues in numbers, puzzles with a hidden message, and more.

The word searches are in order of difficulty with the easiest ones first, becoming more challenging as you work through the book. With 366 exercises, this book contains enough for a leap-year's worth of daily brain workouts. There's no need for expensive equipment or large amounts of time - simply grab a pen, pencil or some colored pens and off you go!

Mind-Boggling Word Searches  collage 1


The author says "Taking care of your brain can be equally important as taking care of your body. Regularly doing short, varied tasks can keep your mind sharp and flexible, helping improve your memory, concentration, problem-solving skills, processing speed, creativity and reasoning."

And as you can see from the sample collages, that is exactly what this book does! This book is part of Kim's popular Brain Workout series, and with its 366 puzzles, that means you can complete a puzzle per day, with one day getting 2! As you can see the puzzles vary in shape, how to solve, and the mount of thinking required to complete them. 

Mind-Boggling Word Searches  collage 2

I've always ADORED word puzzles, and I come by it honestly, as both my mother and grandmother were huge wordsmiths, who had me doing crossword puzzles by age 7! So word searches have always been more of a relaxation exercise to me. But with this new book, completing just one a day, in 5-10 minutes, means not only exercising my brain, but working on vocabulary and relaxation!

This would be a great book to give to bored teens over the summer (tell them to complete 2 a day!), for the same reasons! And if your Mom LOVES puzzles too, then this is a gift that will keep on giving all year long! And with studies showing new mental activity helps to keep Alzheimer's at bay, this might just be a gift that offers much more than it's cost! So check it out!

About the Author

Kim Chamberlain is a speaker, writer, and seminar facilitator. She holds the National Speakers Association Accredited Professional Speaker level of certification, was the founding president of the Wellington (New Zealand) National Speakers Association, and has won many speaking awards. In 2000 she was voted as one of the world’s top newsletter writers. Chamberlain is the author of Better Speaking, Better Thinking and 5 Minutes! 199 Activities to Put More Life into Your Life. The author resides in Wellington, New Zealand. Check out her website for more inof


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