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Friday, April 15, 2016

Recipe Weekend: Trudeau Gadgets Make Mom's Life Easier

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Trudeau, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Last week I shared with you some great Kitchen Gadgets from Trudeau that can help Mom relax (have you entered the Giveaway yet?), and today I have some more great gadgets, that you just might want for yourself too!

trudeau ss pot clip collage
First up is their super cool Flex SS Pot Clip

It comes in multiple colors (red, green and blue).  Made of heat resistant silicone and stainless steel, it is heat resistant to 428°F-220°C, and sits on your pot and keeps your spoons out of the way, and your range top clean! And it is super easy to clean- you just rinse and dry, or wipe clean! It's universal design means it fits just about any spoon/utensil you have! It clips onto you pot with ease and then you just  slide your spoon in, when you aren't using it! Plus, as you can see, it sits easily on your cabinet knob, making it available at a moment's notice!

stressless can opener
The Stressless Can Opener is an eye opener!  It looks different, because it is! This can opener features and ergonomic and lightweight design, and its Stress Less gears make it 50% easier to crank, than a traditional can opener. That is great news for those with hand issues, or for older adults! The safety cutting mechanism cuts on the side leaving no sharp edges, making it perfect for kids to use as well! And it keeps bacteria at bay, as the opener never comes into contact with the can's contents, so there is no worry about any left yuck landing in the can! Once its job is done, the Stress Less Can Opener features a folding crank handle that tucks neatly away for compact storage, as you can see on the left. But how does it work you ask?


You open the handle, align the can opener on top of the lid, making sure to position the cutting mechanism against the side of the can.Then you close the handle. Then you simply turn the crank handle, full circle around the edge of the can, until you feel less resistance. The contained clamp lid pliers on the edge of the can then help to remove the lid. Waa-la-easy peasy, no sharp can edges to cut you and your can is open lickey split with no pain!

Small Yum Yum Spatula
yum yum spatula comparisonSomething else that works so smoothly you'll be surprised why you don't have 4 or 5 of them is their Small Yum Yum Spatula!

Made of heat resistant silicone (to 428°F-220°C) and wood, it features a cute chocolate drum and the Yum! Yum! Yum! saying on it. It will not scratch your cookware and is easy to clean. Plus it it stain resistant! You have to love that!  Small spatulas are great for getting into small jars, like mustard and garlic, or for using by smaller hands (like kids). You can see the dimensions, based on a popular brand of  full size spatula on the right. We also found that the spatula makes a great frosting or spreading tool for smaller desserts! We've used it constantly since receiving it!

The last great gadget is one you don't think of having, but once you do have it, you just want to BAKE and use it!

pastry wheel setThe Adjustable Pastry Wheel  comes with not one, but three interchangeable wheel patterns: straight, wavy, and stitched!
pastry wheel set 2
The stainless steel wheels cut even strips every time, in widths from 1 to 3 inches. You can easily adjust them by simply pushing them back and forth on the guide bar! To change out the wheels, you merely pull off the end caps, swap out wheels, and push the caps back on, making sure they lock in place. It seriously can not be any easier to use! The Pastry Wheel Cutter also features and ergonomic non-slip handle with two comfortable grip positions, so you can roll out pastry or pasta all day long with ease!

For our recipe today, I'm going to show you how the cutter works too!

pastry wheel collage with apple pockets

This is the simplest, quick dessert ever!


1 can crescent rolls or dough
1 can apple pie (or other flavor) filing
Icing or sugar/cinnamon mix or honey

1. Roll out your crescent dough and make into one large rectangle.
2. use your Yum Yum Spatula and spread butter all over rectangle.
3. Spread apple pie filling over half of rectangle. Take empty half of rectangle and place over the pie filing side, sealing at edges by pressing down.
4. Using the pastry wheel, make long strips. We used the two inch setting.
5. Cross over your strips with new ones, making 2x2 or 2x3 sections.
6. Finger seal the pockets and place on prepared baking sheet.
If not using icing, then cover pockets with melted butter and sugar/cinnamon mix.
7. Cook pockets about 10-14 minutes (keep an eye on them, when golden brown, remove)
7. Let pockets cool about 8 minutes and then drizzle icing or honey over the pockets and serve! 
These are great with ice cream, or just by themselves for a quick snack!

So I hope you will check out the Trudeau line of kitchen gadgets and see some you want to get for Mom, and maybe yourself too! We LOVE them and you will too!

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