> Bless Their Hearts Mom: So Apparently Walgreen's Hates Baptisms....
Tuesday, April 5, 2016

So Apparently Walgreen's Hates Baptisms....

Soap box

I just heard you-

You said "WHAT?"

Let me show ya what I mean:

walgreens special occasion selection

Baptism- Special Occasion, right?

Nope- they have Wedding, First Communion, Confirmation, Retirement, even Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

Is there a BAPTISMAL or even Chrisening Card?


NOT even in their 'Christian' collection.


But they do have:

walgreens wedding card selection

Yup- Wedding cards for Two Brides or Two Grooms.....

I guess when they have kids they don't get them baptized or christened,
so no cards are needed?

Thanks Walgreen's.

I needed THREE Baptismal cards AND some pharmacy items.

My money went elsewhere....


Guess 'inclusion' doesn't cover everything....

Just my rant of the day! 


  1. It depends on the store. The one in which I work has Baptism cards. Also, it's not Walgreens choice what cards they carry. That is contracted through Hallmark, and they send what they deem sells in the area.

    1. If so, they sent the wrong area's cards to the store! Our area is heavy Pentecostal, Baptist and Catholic....nuff said...:)


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