> Bless Their Hearts Mom: This New Kitchen Gadget from Cave Press Will Make YOUR BBQ's Better Than Ever Before!
Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This New Kitchen Gadget from Cave Press Will Make YOUR BBQ's Better Than Ever Before!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Cave Tools, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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Ok, so technically we're still talking abut gifts for MOM, as Mother's Day is NEXT week,
but this great new product is probably one that Dad will use more. if like our house, Dad rocks the making of burgers!

So it could be a gift for both, or just for Dad!

This new hamburger press from Cave Tools is different than any other one you've seen! 

Unlike traditional burger presses that only make 1 burger at a time, that give you burgers that never cook evenly, and that are thin and dry out while cooking, this new press aims to solve ALL of those issues with its unique design: 

silicone burger press  1

The Cave Tools Silicone Burger Press  was not only inspired by the size of world famous Bubba Burgers, but by the opinions of their many customers, like YOU! This new burger press makes 6 burgers that are 1/3 pound each! 

silicone burger press 2

Plus it has a built in burger dimpler, that has been scientifically proven to make your hamburgers stay flat and cook evenly. Who knew, right? Plus, being able to make uniform size burgers, means everybody gets one that fits the buns!

Plus, an added bonus of this press is that it can be sealed tight, with its own lid, and you can stack it easily in the freezer, or fridge, to keep your burgers ready for when you want them! This is great if you buy hamburger meat in bulk- you can make up 6 burgers in this press, seal it and put it straight into the freezer!! Or you can make your burgers up in the am, and then hand the tray off to Dad/hubby n the afternoon, while friends/family are over, so that you have less time spent in the kitchen. You gotta love that! 

silicone burger press  burgers

Ever try to eyeball 2 pounds of hamburger? Yup, not quite so simple! I had to go back and grab more meat, as I had only grabbed a little over a pound! These squares don't look that big, but they are really quite big! As you can see, all you have to do is to put the lid in place, and press down, and bamm, your dimples are made automatically for you! Woo hoo!
silicone burger press  sealing

Then because the press is made of easy to use silicone, when you open the lid, your burgers will release easy peasy! I like to flip and do that so they fall right onto the grill or pan!  the best part if they KEEP their shape, dimple and all!, As you can see from a reverse shot below!

silicone burger press  burgers before and after

For my post sample, I didn't have time to grill the burgers, as we've been running back and forth to hospital with my Mom, so I friend them up instead, to see what would happen. As you can see, above, there was very little shrinkage and the dimple stayed put too. AND even more importantly the burgers were evenly cooked in LESS time. WOOT! I LOVE anything that saves me time, and this press does it all the way around! And the kid was happy that the burger fit her bun, with no waste of bread-you know that section that has your condiments and nothing else?

silicone burger press with soup

And one more use for the press- you can use it to make individual freezer portions of other foods too! Now you can take the leftover soup, chili, stew, beans, whatever and separate it in the press (safe because its made of silicone), then freeze. The remove and pop out your square bundles and freeze in storage containers in the freezer. Then when only one person wants soup, you've got it ready, no having to thaw out a bag of soup for 4! how great is that? 

Even better- it's easy to clean too! just throw it in the dishwasher! YEAH!

When you order the Cave Press Silicone Burger Press, you get a 25 page recipe booklet ebook too! Not only does it include step by step instructions for using the press, but some pretty good recipes and even detailed tutorial videos! Order off the Amazon site and use code LZEN8T4G and get 15 % off!
 If at any point you are unhappy with your burger press maker you can return it for a full money back refund. Now that is a present you can love!

And your lucky recipient (you?) will love this great press too! It will really CHANGE how you not only make, but store burgers! We can't recommend it enough! be sure to grab one before the Summer BBQ season hits, you'll be glad you did with all that extra time outdoors with your family it will give you!

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