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Monday, May 23, 2016

LEDNut Motion Sensor Night Light is Your Safe Way Around in the Dark!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from LEDNUT, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

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When you have an old house (really old, like 100 years!), electrical outlets are not where they should be, or where you want them. And changing them is not always an option.

So your solution tends to be wireless lights, but they can eat batteries like a kid eating jelly beans on Easter morning! So we have ran the gamut of trying to find lights that WORK, as in give out enough light, that last (some die after only 3 months of use) and that don't require 4 new batteries every month!

After years of seaching, we have FINALLY found the soluition:

This new LEDNut Motion Sensor Night Light from LEDNut!

It may be super slim and able to fit in your hand, but this LED Motion light puts out pure white 100lm bright light! The light has 6 energy-saving super bright Epistar SMD LED chips, that are not only environmently friendly, but require low power consumption! All of that means you get more light for less energy use! YEAH!  This light is PERFECT for anywhere you need it: hallways, bedroom,closets, bathrooms,balcony, cellars, staircases, attics, garages, kitchen cupboards, bookcase, and even outside hallways. Anywhere you need light, when you need it, it can help!

Thanks to its infrared (PIR) technology that detect's body heat and motion sensor, this light will automatically light up if it senses you 3 meters (10 feet) away, and then will go out 20 seconds later, if you are beyond its sensing range, to keep it from constantly running. I tested it over and over, and it really was that short of a time! BUT if it senses you, it won't go out- this is great if you're in the closet trying to find something in the back- it knows you're still there and doesn't leave you in the dark! Plus, with its 20 degree to 60 degree angle of perception, it really works better than more higher priced light wireless models, especially for night lights in kids rooms and bathrooms!

And as great as that is, I have to admit to being wowed a bit more by the built in rechargeable lithium battery, that means I don't have to change out batteries every month, and waste money! The lithium battery gives you 4 hours of steady continuous lighting, or about 2 months power at "auto" mode (coming on and off only when needed).With the convenience of Micro USB charging, all you have to do when the light starts to get dim, is to put on it on your accessory power bank, battery charger, phone charger, or PC with the included USB cord and in a short time, it's recharged and ready to go back in place! And the lithium battery has an expected lifespan of 55,000 HOURS! That's YEARS of coming on and off, only when needed!

The light does have 3 modes- ON (continuous), OFF, and AUTO (motion sensor), to fit your application needs.There is a sliding bar on the side, which allows you to set the mode in about 2 seconds!

And it's easy to take down and put back up, thanks to the included built-in magnet for handing on metal services, or by using the 3M adhesive tape(included). You can also hang with screws and the base plate (also included), on the nicely spaced mounting holes. So it's easy to remove and put back in place! YEAH! Just keep in mind it is NOT water resistant, so if you are putting in a bathroom, make sure it is away from any potential water immersion or heavy splashing!

This light is SO light and portable, thanks to its easy re-charging cable, that you can take it with you on vacation this Summer too! It's great to not have to leave a bathroom light on for the kids (as some put out way too much light into a hotel room, or have a fan running with the light), for them to see in the night. With this light set on auto, when they get up, they can grab it and take it with them, to light their way to and from the bathroom! Yet it is so small, it can fit in your purse! Plus most modern TVs have a USB port on them, so you can charge it off the hotel TV if need be! It also would be great to use for similar reasons in a tent if you re camping! 

With it's 30-day money back guarantee and 12 Month Replacement Warranty, you really can't go wrong in purchasing a couple of these lights! We already have! They make great Father's Day or graduation/new apartment presents too- it's a gift that will keep on giving, reminding the recipient of how much you thought of their safety!
So if you need a great wireless light this Summer on vacation, or for any room in your house, be sure to consider this great LED motion light from LEDNut!

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